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21 May MARGOT VII appears today on several outfits worn by famous French personalities
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MARGOT VII had the opportunity to collaborate with TelevisionStyle, different looks were created with the brand's creations in order to dress personalities from Canal+ and France Télévision.French personalities dressed by MARGOT VIIPresent at all stages of program image decision-making, TelevisionSt..
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MARGOT VII appeared in Vulkan magazine, highlighting the VII set, composed of a top and a skirt, in a very natural setting.The all-natural VII setVulkan Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine known for its fashion-forward aesthetic and creative approach to editorial content. It features photog..
06 May SCORPIO VIN highlights futuristic fashion with MARGOT VII
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MARGOT VII appeared in the famous Scorpio Vin magazine, highlighting the Sacha Skirt using layering and artificial intelligence.Discover the Sacha Skirt from another angleThe magazine presents the Sacha Skirt in an innovative way, using layering and artificial intelligence. Model Cristina Torres and..
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MARGOT VII appeared in the famous BAZAAR magazine, highlighting the Stelle Blouse, with a futuristic and artistic aspect.The Stelle Blouse from another angleModel Rio and stylist Maskim Mizgirev perfectly highlighted the Stelle blouse by wearing it with a very retro corset and a little floral skirt...
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MARGOT VII appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, highlighting the Sacha Skirt, in the April 3, 2024 issue.A quality lookThe magnificent model Rachel Malina Ross and the stylist Nikolett Nemett perfectly highlighted the Sacha skirt by wearing it with a leopard fur coat and a top in brown to..
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Glamor today highlights the Paris skirt by MARGOT VII. In this April issue, the Paris skirt appears worn in a harmonious and modern decor.The universe of MARGOT VIIThis shooting succeeded in highlighting the Paris skirt as well as the world filled with lightness of MARGOT VII. Photographed by Rutvik..
08 Apr MARGOT VII x JOOR / Business France
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MARGOT VII is developing further by moving today towards business-to-business commerce called B2B, using the JOOR marketplace and Business France.JOOR, a universe for B2BJOOR is an online platform that provides fulfillment and e-commerce services for the fashion and retail industry, an American comp..
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Opium, a famous fashion magazine, featured MARGOT VII's Stelle blouse in issue 51 of Mars. Highlighting this piece in a decor entirely designed with AI.AI combined with fashionThe integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the fashion industry offers enormous potential to revolutionize the way..
26 Mar Celebrate Easter with MARGOT VII
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From March 27 until April 2, 2024, MARGOT VII is organizing several events in our store in Paris...MARGOT VII offers beyond clothing, accessories. The accessories are also of very good quality, created from natural materials to feel better in our body and mind, you will find 100% cashmere scarves in..
18 Mar MARGOT VII unveils its new SKY pre-collection
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For this season, Margot is unveiling a pre-collection called SKY, now available in store and on the website, you will find many new items.A collection full of new itemsThis pre collection presents 14 different models mixing dresses, tops, pants and shirts. You will find natural and soft tones for th..
12 Mar MARGOT VII celebrates International Women's Rights Day
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This March 8, 2024, takes place International Women's Rights Day. This is why MARGOT VII offered a rose for each woman entering the store. A draw also took place to try to win a gold-plated necklace worth €159 from Petra.International Women's DayInternational Women's Day, also called International W..
04 Mar MARGOT VII in Gezno magazine
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MARGOT VII appears in the pages of Gezno, trend-leading avant-garde magazines.The Paris skirt in GeznoThe Parisian brand is in the spotlight at number 15 Gezno, for January 2024. Our Paris skirt is highlighted there, creating an elegant outfit thanks to stylist Jacqueline Lunkes (Instagram: @lunkest..
01 Mar MARGOT VII back with Stylé Cruze magazine
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The ME pants and the ME top presented in the American magazine Stylé Cruze with an entirely chic and original look.The timeless ME set by MARGOT VIIStylé Cruze was able to create a unique outfit with the talented stylist Valentina Coppola on the model Tatum Hendricks composed of our ME silk pants cr..
27 Feb MARGOT VII celebrates Valentine's Day
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To put love at the forefront, the designer has decided to offer you a draw to please you on the occasion of Valentine's Day.A Valentine's Day lookFor this Valentine's Day, MARGOT VII has prepared many ideas for looks and gifts for you. We indeed had many models that would have highlighted you for th..
19 Feb MARGOT VII discovers London
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The MARGOT VII brand is based in London and shares its experience with you. Now available in London at Wolf & Badger, this day allowed the designer to discover the space where she is exhibited, as well as the city itself.London and its taste for fashionLondon is one of the world's leading fashion ca..
13 Feb France Pierron x MARGOT VII
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France Pierron, renowned journalist at Equipe 21, joins the Parisian brand, Margot VII to highlight the new “DISTANCE” collection. Her journey in journalism, marked by dedication and success, makes her a source of inspiration for many women. Authentic and elegant, the journalist totally embodies the..
06 Feb MARGOT VII in the famous Glamor magazine
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Glamor once again highlights the MARGOT VII brand with the Love pants.The Love pants worn with chicGlamor magazine today shows the Love pants worn chicly by model Elizabeth Fenton. Stylist Katya Anleu was able to create an eccentric look with a neon yellow top combined with the blazer and pants to e..
29 Jan MARGOT VII x Wolf & Badger
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MARGOT VII and Wolf & Badger have been collaborating together to sett up various international sales points.Two stories that matchWolf & Badger was established by brothers Henry and George Graham in 2010, the company was born out of a desire to showcase the best independent designers from around the..
23 Jan MARGOT VII coats in your winter wardrobe
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For this winter season, MARGOT VII has put together for you a selection of coats and jackets special for these new temperatures.Towards a winter lookMARGOT VII today offers a wide choice of coats, jackets and vests. You will then be able to find in store or on the website directly, the AVA down jack..
16 Jan MARGOT VII in the Stylé Cruze magazine
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The ME pants were presented in the American magazine Stylé Cruze with an entirely nude and chic look.The ME pants, a MARGOT VII classicStylé Cruze was able to create a unique outfit with the talented American stylist Jacqueline Lunkes on the model Abigail Turner composed of our ME silk pants creatio..
09 Jan MARGOT VII in the pages of Glamor magazine
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The Ava jacket and the VII skirt highlighted in Glamor magazine thanks to a completely offbeat look.Ava vest and VII dress wear unique fashionGlamor is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that features the latest fashion trends, features photoshoots with celebrities and models, and offers style tips fo..
02 Jan MARGOT VII shooting for her Capsule collection
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In order to highlight the new creations of MARGOT VII, a photo shoot took place at the Trocadéro in the streets of Paris.New creations full of eleganceThrough the camera lens, the vibrant atmosphere of a world of sophistication comes to life in this photo shoot. Each shot tells a story, each look fr..
26 Dec MARGOT VII in the famous ELLE magazine
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Elle magazine presents one of our creations, the Ava Jacket. This creation is worn here on the streets of New York.Our creation in New York"Elle" is a fashion and lifestyle magazine, this magazine covers a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, culture, and current trends. A significant po..
19 Dec MARGOT VII seen in the Vogue Magazine
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Since its launch, Vogue Ukraine has quickly established itself as an essential reference in the world of fashion, combining elegance, innovation and a unique look at the Ukrainian artistic scene. This magazine, which is part of the prestigious family of Vogue publications, was able to capture MARGOT..
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A collaboration between the designer MARGOT VII and the French artisan Pierre le Naire from Chocolab, to offer you a unique experience for the end of year celebrations.Quality creationsFounded by dedicated artisans, Chocolab is much more than an ordinary chocolate factory, it is a creative laborator..
05 Dec The Capsule MY collection by Margot VII
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MY Capsule CollectionDiscover the Capsule MY Collection by Margot VII, an exquisite selection to put together your ideal outfit for the end-of-year festivities. This exclusive collection offers a refined range based on eco-responsible materials, including dresses like the Paris dress, the Stelle dre..
28 Nov A new collaboration combining craftsmanship and modernity
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MARGOT VII x Petra BerendsWe are excited to announce an exclusive collaboration that will make your style sparkle. Combining our passion for art and creativity with the exceptional expertise of Petra Berends, we have created a jewelry collection that captures the very essence of timeless beauty.Each..
21 Nov Fashion trends for this fall-winter 2023-2024
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A Fashion Week announcing the trends for this Fall-Winter 2023/2024Fall and winter are great seasons for expressing creativity in the fashion world. For the 2023-2024 season, designers have a range of captivating trends in store for us, combining timeless elegance and contemporary boldness. Let's di..
14 Nov The Jacket jacket by MARGOT VII in Weekly Style magazine
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Weekly Style was created a few years ago. Well known to fashion lovers, available on the internet, it regularly offers articles relating to new trends. In October 2023, MARGOT VII was in the spotlight by presenting one of its models.The Blazer Jacket in the pages of Weekly StyleThe Blazer Jacket app..
07 Nov The MARGOT VII Fashion Show: A Celebration of Fashion and Jewelry
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MARGOT VII, the brand led by designer Margot, has long been recognized for its unique style and commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. The MARGOT VII fashion show, which took place at the Galerie Bourbon in Paris, was a celebration of the vision of Margot and two jewelry artists inclu..
30 Oct MARGOT VII in the GMARO magazine
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Once again, the MARGOT VII brand has been featured in a magazine. This time, it's Gmaro, an expert magazine in the field of fashion designers. Inspired by fashion as a whole, the magazine highlights trends in an incredible way by giving voice to designers, photographers and models. And this time, th..
25 Oct Bazaar highlights a piece from the MARGOT VII collection
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MARGOT VII has once again been in the spotlight. This time, it is the international magazine Bazaar. In its pages, you can discover our ME jumpsuit worn elegantly by the model Britt. The piece that was selected is our limited green glitter jumpsuit.Our model seen by Bazaar VietnamWith our holiday ju..
17 Oct DISTANCE, the new MARGOT VII Fall-Winter 2023-2024 collection
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Margot VII has imagined a new collection for this fall-winter. Let us introduce you to our creations which we are sure will delight you.Distance, a new Margot VII collectionWe wanted to create a collection that skillfully combines emotion and our convictions regarding ethical commitment. We decided ..
10 Oct Margot VII's new creations present at Fashion Air in Paris
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MARGOT VII presents its new fall-winter 2023 collection during Fashion Week which runs from September 30 to October 1 in Paris. This event took place in the Galerie Bourbon in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.A fashion show with styleOur fashion show took place at 12 p.m. at the Galerie Bourbon, at ..
02 Oct Yasmine Aker, the actress in the pages of Jejune magazine with MARGOT VII
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You may know the actress Yasmine Aker who you will have noticed in the series Chaldea or in the film Sleep no more. This young artist, she is also a singer and songwriter, has made a name for herself in the world of cinema, but she is also known for her defense of women's rights. It is therefore an ..
26 Sep Our VII Top in Glamour
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Margot VII's top VII in Glamour magazineGlamour has decided to feature the Margot VII top in its magazine. In the new issue, you can discover our creation at its best. So, are you ready to discover our creation? Follow us.The VII top as seen by GlamourGlamour took to the streets of New York to show ..
12 Sep The Me pants seen by the Glamour magazine
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Here are my new famous pants seen by other stylists. This time around, he’s featured in fashion staple Glamor magazine.An identical model, yet differentYou undoubtedly know our famous Me pants with their casual, slightly sporty and totally trendy style. With Glamour, he knew how to renew himself as ..
04 Sep Margot VII in Schön magazine : the vest VA into the spotlight!
0 1449
When it comes to haute couture and trend-setting, Schön Magazine stands as a beacon of style. Featuring the season's latest fashions on its front page, its latest issue showcases the captivating creation of Margot VII, with the iconic VA vest with leather collar. The publication's autumnal decor pro..
29 Aug Margot VII as seen by EstiMag
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Our Me pants in EstiMagDo you know the American magazine Esti Mag? This magazine highlights trends in art, music and, of course, fashion. And guess what? One of our creations, the Me pant, found its way into the pages of the magazine. And we loved the way the designer reinvented our creation!The Me ..
22 Aug The AVA Collection in Malvie Magazine
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Margot VII's AVA collection redefines elegance in Malvie MagazineThe world of fashion is constantly evolving, pushing back the boundaries of creativity and expression. Malvie Magazine highlights this evolution by presenting the AVA collection in a new light, where femininity meets chic to create a c..
15 Aug China: a journey to the heart of a culture with a thousand artistic resources
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  Margot, creator of the Margot VII brand, embarked on a memorable trip to China, in search of inspiration for her future collections. After an 11-hour flight to Shanghai, exploring the historic city of Nanjing revealed cultural gems and artistic treasures that deeply challenged her creative spirit...
08 Aug Our St Tropez Capsule
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Capsule St Tropez : Pastel Maxi dresses take center stage ! This summer, we're delighted to present our Capsule St Tropez collection. Inspired by the enchanting atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur, this collection offers long, elegant, flowing dresses that perfectly reflect the summer fashion trend. In pi..
01 Aug The 4 elements by Margot VII
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The Margot bag and the graphic designer Charlotte Bouchard For its new campaign, Margot VII wanted to showcase its latest creation, the Margot VII bag. To do so, we called on photographer Charlotte Bouchard, a graphic designer with expertise in accessories. Want to know more? We'll tell you all abou..
25 Jul The ME Pants  X  Some Magazine
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The Me Pants as seen by Magazine SomeSome Magazine aims to be different, to inspire rather than dictate. Based in Puerto Rico, it is distributed worldwide. And it chose to feature one of Margot VII's creations in its latest issue. And that is? Our Me pants!A new take on the Me PantThe magazine's sty..
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MARGOT VII X ELLEMargot VII creations take over the press! We're featured in the pages of the world-famous Elle magazine with two of our creations, the VII skirt and the Me dress. Would you like to know more?Our creations in the spotlight, of course!Who doesn't know Elle magazine, one of the world's..
04 Jul The nana skirt in Vigour
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The Nana skirt in Vigour One of our creations is featured in a magazine straight from the other side of the Atlantic. Which magazine? Vigour, a Canadian magazine. Which design? Our Nana denim skirt. We tell you more about this collaboration.An exceptional presentationLet's take a look at this intern..
27 Jun Our Me blouse presented by Weekly Style
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If you love fashion, you've probably already heard of the American magazine Weekly Style. And if you love Margot VII, you've undoubtedly already noticed the Me blouse. But what if it was featured in the magazine in question? That's what happened in the May 2023 issue!Decoding trendsWeekly Style maga..
13 Jun Shooting in the Bagatelle Gardens
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A photoshoot in the Bagatelle gardens  Margot VII has decided to stage its creations to show them off to best advantage. That's why we've chosen several of our models and the location where they will be photographed. Want to find out more about our campaign shoot? Follow us!An invitation to romanceO..
06 Jun MARGOT VII's handbag
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The MARGOT VII team is delighted to make you discover the first bag of the brand, 100% vegan, 100% handmade in Parisian workshops.The perfect handbag for every dayIn the world of contemporary fashion, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. It is wit..
30 May MARGOT VII x Madame Figaro
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You probably already know this, but Madame Figaro is a magazine that has a real professional eye on the fashion world. That’s why when the magazine talks about us, we’re proud of it! MARGOT VII appeared in the «Must-Have Addresses» section on the magazine’s digital platform!A beautiful presentation ..
23 May The Piñatex arrives at MARGOT VII
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You already know this, but Margot VII refuses to use animal leather for her creations. And in this eco-responsible spirit, we have found a new solution to offer you «leather» without causing suffering animals and using products harmful to the planet when preparing (tanning) this material. Which one?..
10 May MARGOT VII celebrates its sixth anniversary !
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We are delighted to celebrate today MARGOT VII's 6th anniversary !
Since 2017, we have worked tirelessly to offer our clients a unique experience, combining elegance with boldness and creativity. We are proud of our journey and what we have accomplished so far.

Our commitment to our customers and t..
02 May Margot VII x Madame Figaro
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On April 20, 2023, the Margot VII team had the opportunity to give an interview with the famous French fashion magazine Madame Figaro. We talked for long minutes to introduce them to the brand, our inspirations, our values, and our goals..MADAME FIGARO Madame Figaro is a French fashion and lifestyle..
25 Apr Margot VII x Selin Magazine
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Margot VII x Selin Magazine : the VII blazer in the spotlightHave you ever heard of Selin magazine? It is a Dutch magazine that offers articles on fashion and beauty. Their main goal? To highlight young independent creators and give them a voice. And among these creators, Margot VII has found it..
18 Apr Margot VII's tailor-made workshop
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You love Margot VII creations, but hesitate a little to succumb to models. Are you worried that dresses, skirts or trousers won’t suit you? We have a solution for you: our tailor-made workshop. A workshop just for you !Creating a garment is not always easy. It obviously has to go to many, many silho..
11 Apr The total denim look trend
0 1787
The total denim look is THE fashion trend that is making its big comeback this year! You want to join but you don’t know how to combine your pieces? Don’t panic, Margot VII is there for you with her St Tropez set. 

Let’s do some fashion history - The total denim look This trend was popularized in t..
05 Apr The VII jacket showcased in New York
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You’ve already heard about the Flying Solo store in New York. It’s hosting todayour VII jacket for fashion and style lovers across the ocean.We told you more.A boutique that highlights styleIn New York, all fashionistas know Flying Solo.The shop participates inmany fashion events (like Fashion Week)..
28 Mar Margot i offers you a new Parisian store
0 1076
Do you like Margot VII? Did you know that a new boutique opened in Paris on March 16th? We will make you relive this exceptional event, as if you were there as if you were there!An invitation into the world of Margot VIIIf you are a fan of our brand, you probably already knew that our collections ar..
24 Mar Basic, the new Margot VII collection
0 834
With the beautiful days, we want to go out and do more outdoor activities. At Margot VII, we wanted to create more sporty pieces to meet your desires. The brand new Basique collection was born. And we must admit, our designers had fun! Want to know more? Easy to live and wear piecesOur new collectio..
14 Mar The Zoé set by Margot VII is dressed in black
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Are you looking for chic, casual, 70's inspired clothing pieces? We've got just the thing for you! Margot VII has come up with the perfect outfit that just got a new color.Be fashionable without complicating your lifeAs you all know, vintage is always at the top of the runway, especially when it's r..
07 Mar The ME spring-summer 2023 collection
0 983
With the spring, the beautiful days arrive and we want new clothes. And the designer of Margot VII want to imagine elegant and casual clothes to make you feel good during the beautiful season. So we looked for something to please you and the ME collection was born.The ME collection in detailME is ou..
27 Feb The new Parisian boutique Margot VII
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 As you know, Margot VII has its headquarters in the 16th arrondissement of Paris to welcome you. But that's not enough for us anymore and we decided to open a new store a few steps away. We tell you more. A place designed to welcome you You want to see our pieces "in real life" and not only on the ..
21 Feb The model dadspecialfriend wears the jacket VII of Margot VII
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Our jacket from the VII collection will surprise you in many ways. Want to know more?A special shootIt's not the location or the designer that will surprise you this time, but the person wearing our jacket. But before revealing who this person is, we have to specify a very small thing about our jack..
14 Feb Our nana shirt on the blogger Anny Monteir in new york
0 826
You probably know the blogger Anny Monteir if you follow the trends on the net. And maybe you noticed a few days ago that Margot VII has been chosen by the stylist Dasha Balashovaa? Our Nana blouse has indeed become a star (or almost) with Anny. We tell you more.A perfect lookThe look that we put fo..
07 Feb Be well dressed for Valentine's Day with Margot VII
0 835
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you are already thinking about it. What to give? What to do? And what to wear? Margot VII has some outfit ideas to help you look even more stunning to seduce your crush for sure.Classic chic to enchant herAdopting an elegant and classic look can be a great ide..
31 Jan Margot VII and Wolf&Badger, a growing partnership
0 926
If you're interested in fashion and Margot VII, you may have already heard of Wolf & Badger, a renowned international boutique. We had already worked with her some time ago. But from February 1st, the shop will offer our creations in its Los Angeles premises! And we can't wait! We tell you more.Marg..
24 Jan The Vio coat of Margot VII and Yuliya Lasmovich
0 864
Sometimes it only takes a little to highlight a garment. A beautiful Californian sunset, a simple style, a heavenly setting and voila! If you doubt it, take a look at the photos of our VIO coat worn by supermodel Yuliya Lasmovich.An incredible stagingTo highlight a garment, there is no need to spend..
17 Jan Margot VII x Marie Claire
0 938
At the beginning of November 2022, Margot VII gave an interview to the very famous magazine Marie Claire in its premises, in the sixteenth. A month later took place the photo shoot to present our creations to the readers.Marie Claire's choicesNo need to go back to Marie Claire magazine, you can not ..
09 Jan Margot VII's Suit on the rooftops of New York
0 876
Our combination of the VII collection has once again been honored and this time it is on the New York rooftops that we find our model. We tell you more about this campaign that has gained height.A team of professionals with precise eyesLet's first introduce those who participated in this new campaig..
03 Jan Vous Fashion magazine puts Margot VII's MV pants in the spotlight
0 829
Expert in the field of fashion and trends, the magazine Vous Fashion is a must for all those who are passionate about the beautiful things that are seen on the catwalks. And once again, the Margot VII team was highlighted when the stylists of the magazine decided to put our MV pants in the spotlight..
27 Dec New
0 854
Here we are again honored in a New York fashion magazine, Roll Up. This one honors one of the top models for the moment. And one of them has adopted one of our creations!And if we imagined that..... One of our pants is honored! The young lady who chose our creation is called Naima Mora. She was the ..
20 Dec Margot VII in Marie Claire
0 817
Marie claire is a well-known magazine for all those who love fashion and style. That's why appearing in its pages is always an honor. The magazine recently published a directory of its favorites, Margot VII is one of them!A Christmas present!The magazine therefore offers its readers a directory of i..
05 Dec The Catherine dress to shine during the holidays
0 882
There is always an event to celebrate and to shine during it, it is not always easy to find the perfect outfit. Margot VII has the piece you need: the Catherine dress. We tell you more.A model that will put you in the spotlightTo shine at Christmas or New Year's Eve, are you looking for the outfit t..
05 Dec Set VII by Margot VII
0 874
As usual, Margot VII has combined simplicity and rare elegance with the VII collection. These three pieces harmoniously blend materials and offer the opportunity to have fun creating exceptional looks without complicating your life.Set VII, for a perfect styleA wool jersey (70%), a beautiful deep sm..
28 Nov Harper's Bazaar magazine honors Margot VII's Ava skirt
0 1171
Among the major fashion magazines, one has become totally unavoidable: Harper's Bazaar. Every photo, every tip highlights the style. And you know what? Margot VII appeared in this very famous magazine! Our AVA skirt has made a place for itself in its expert pages of international fashion! Our skirt,..
21 Nov Olga Ferrara and Margot VII, a happy marriage
0 860
Once again, our creations are worn by a fashion star, Olga Ferrara. Both influencer and stylist, she adopted our down jacket and shorts from the Ava collection to create an exceptional look.Olga and Margot VII Olga Ferrara has a lot of taste, we know it and her choices in the field of fashion always..
21 Nov Kitty lever and Margot VII's h2 bustier
0 854
If you're interested in fashion, you've undoubtedly heard a name before: Kitty Lever. This young woman, jack-of-all-trades, was also seduced by one of our creations. We tell you more.Our H2 bustier on Instagram!You've probably already taken a look at our creation of the H2 collection. Both terribly ..
18 Nov Cashmere seen by Margot VII
0 855
Among the materials in which we like to curl up, cashmere is at the top of the podium. This soft wool from a specific goat (pashmina) is infinitely available, from silky scarves to cozy sweaters. Margot VII wanted to use this natural material to create new models in which you will love to spend your..
02 Nov Trends this season
0 932
The autumn winter season has been on the catwalk for a few months and it's time to know a little more to complete your wardrobe without making a mistake.The must-sees of the seasonThe designers have bet on some basics to dress. Thus, you can adopt a beautifully transparent room, a safe bet of autumn..
25 Oct The VA collection from Margot VII
0 944
Do you like tweed and elegant pieces? So are we. That's why we imagined a refined collection composed of different models completely in tune with the times without denying our signature.A style that pleasesThis time, our designer wanted to put tweed in the spotlight for this winter. A high-end fabri..
17 Oct Our new presence on the Wolf&Badger platform
0 926
Perhaps you have already heard of the famous Wolf & Badger boutique. Since 2010, the place offers pieces totally in the trend in its shops in Los Angeles, London and New York. And if we tell you about Wolf & Badger, it is simply because they have chosen the Margot VII collections to complete the cre..
12 Oct Olga ferrera wears our AVA set during Paris fashion week
0 914
Our collections are attracting more and more and once again, we will prove it to you. The last to have succumbed to our creations? Olga Ferrara, the famous influencer and stylist staged our AVA ensemble with talent.  A beautiful spotlightThe influencer is well known for her thoughtful choices in the..
05 Oct How to maintain the tweed of the pieces of the fashion house Margot VII?
0 9853
You have succumbed to one of our tweed models and would like to know how to properly maintain it to keep it. Tweed is both a resistant fabric and fragile. It therefore requires special care. Our experts will give you valuable advice to wash and protect your Margot VII tweed clothes.  Street Style - ..
27 Sep Designer clothing: how to take care of it?
0 1459
You have succumbed to a designer garment and would like to take care of it to keep it for a very long time? We understand you. Here are some valuable tips to best maintain these high-end models.  Fragile parts?It is often mistakenly imagined that designer clothes are fragile pieces. This can obvious..
20 Sep The new autumn winter 2022 collection coming soon
0 1025
Soon, we will put away our little summer dresses and just like you, we are already thinking about what we will be able to put on this winter. And of course Margot VII has already worked to offer you models that will once again seduce you.A successful autumn-winter 2022 collectionOur designer has nat..
13 Sep What we took away from our trip to New York
0 1211
Did you hear about our trip to the United States? We set foot in New York to observe what is being done there, but also let's admit it to see our collections in the illustrious Flying Solo shop. We tell you everything.  Different habits?As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were amazed to see tha..
05 Sep The MV trousers of Margot VII honored by Vigour
0 1280
If you are interested in artistic creation, you know the Canadian magazine Vigour. If we tell you about it today, it is not simply because this magazine is a major gateway for artists. It is also because these experts have put us forward. Our MV pants were indeed chosen by the magazine's stylists!Pr..
20 Jul Meet Margot VII in New York with Flying Solo
0 1137
If you've planned a trip to New York, we've got great news for you! You will be able to find our creations during your stay. Where? At Flying Solo! Yes, we have seduced the emblematic boutique that highlights the quality and originality of Parisian and New York fashion designers.Margot VII and Flyin..
13 Jul Sport and style with Margot VII's Weina ensemble
0 1006
Do you like sportswear looks? But you also like to be refined and elegant? We've got you covered! The Weina set will delight you with its beautiful color, impeccable cut and unique style.A set that has it all figured outWeina is a clever mix of relaxation and chic. Our designers have imagined a top ..
04 Jul Our set H highlighted
0 997
Beautifully romantic, our set H made succumb another professional of the style, the model Agnieszka Artych who put on our creation to complete her Instagram page.An amazing lookThe young lady chose a pretty façade of an intense blue as a backdrop to enhance her diaphanous skin and our set H. Associa..
27 Jun Margot VII's MV sweatshirt, a star is born!
0 1010
Margot VII once again has good news to announce to you. You know Dolce magazine, a totally trendy and trendy magazine. Our MV sweatshirt was chosen by their team of trend professionals to illustrate feminine chic in the April issue dedicated to fashion.A sweatshirt with a unique lookAs usual, we wan..
18 May The new VA collection, Margot VII's talent in its purest form
0 1597
Margot VII wanted to imagine a collection that was easy to wear, beautiful of course and beautifully trendy. VA was then born. Vest, jacket, shorts, skirt or pants, we have thought of all your desires.A collection that combines novelty and Margot VII spiritAs we know, you often want to change. Witho..
07 May The H collection of Margot VII, the bohemian in the spotlight
0 1014
We decided to change our creations a little to offer you, with the H collection, ultra-feminine models and totally off the beaten track. But rest assured, we have kept our basics (impeccable quality, a mixture of textures, an ultra refined style) to which we have added some small touches totally uni..
27 Apr Summer is coming and so are the new Margot VII collections!
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You know the DNA of Margot VII creations, an irreproachable, elegant and current style, a clever mix of materials and wise and refined shades. But this year, the sun gave us ideas and we wanted to evolve our collections by inviting colors.Pieces that will please everyoneWhether you are a fan of glam..
05 Apr Chic with the AVA collection of Margot VII
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Do you like refined style and current trends? The AVA collection of Margot VII is made for you. Everything is there to present a very chic and ultra-contemporary look very simply.Elegance above allThe AVA collection consists of a vest, skirt, trousers, jacket and shorts. The designers wanted chic an..
05 Apr The magazine 17:23 puts us in the spotlight!
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If you like fashion, you've probably already heard of 17:23 magazine. You know that it highlights trendy creations and designers who imagine pieces with a sharp style. Do you like the chic and current style? The magazine managers too, and they chose to highlight our BV sweatshirt and our AVA pants!I..
08 Mar Style and elegance with the flagship pieces of Margot VII
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Are you looking for ultra-trendy pieces, easy to live with and rare elegance? We have imagined the perfect models to satisfy your desires.A total refined lookAs you already know, Margot VII likes to play on the contrast of originality and high-end elegance. Our designers have once again managed to i..
15 Feb Our MV sweatshirt in ROIDX magazine!
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Margot VII has once again distinguished herself on American territory. One of our models seduced the team of the fashion magazine Roidx, our MV sweatshirt and we are very proud of it.Vol 192 RoidX Magazine 2022A select magazine at the service of fashionEven if you love fashion, maybe you've never he..
08 Feb Margot VII's Combine VII becomes a jewellery case for Flying Solo NYC
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Margot VII takes off! Finally, a model from our collection has established itself across the Atlantic and we are particularly proud of it! The famous New York fashion boutique Flying Solo NYC has chosen our VII suit to accompany its jewelry.Our combine knows how to be seen!We had imagined a model th..
26 Jan Seen in Weekly Style: the AVA skirt plays the American stars between Balenciaga, Ètro, Nanushka...
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We are extremely proud to find our Ava skirt in the cutting-edge New York magazine Weekly Style (December 2021 issue). Its pretty wool tweed and lambskin details are displayed on page 4 in a fall-inspired painting. In the middle of half a dozen other creations, our pencil skirt stands out on a yello..
18 Jan A Margot VII creation in the New York magazine GOJI
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If you are a fashion fan, you have probably already heard of the New York magazine Goji, which highlights luxury and beautiful creations in many areas, including of course fashion. We are very proud to announce that the magazine has chosen one of our creations: the ultra chic Ava pants to illustrate..
24 Nov Margot VII and Flying Solo New York, a collaboration that begins
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When you're proud of your creations, you like to share them. That's why we like to collaborate with big names in fashion around the world. That's why we're announcing our collaboration with the famous New York fashion boutique Flying Solo.A high-end collaborationIf you're reading this, it's because,..
24 Nov Margot VII in Dubai
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Margot VII will leave France to invite herself in the United Arab Emirates. We are present in the famous Pure Label boutique in Dubai.A high-end collaborationThe Pure Labels fashion boutique is home to the hottest independent designers of the moment.Their philosophy? To put the spotlight on promisin..
15 Nov The collab' Margot VII & the pop-up Point Physique
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Our brand called Margot VII was created with the sole purpose of satisfying the demanding expectations of all lovers of French elegance. It is a young brand of urban ready-to-wear dedicated exclusively to women. It is a brand committed to sustainable fashion and solidarity. Want to discover our late..
29 Sep The Ava collection: a harmonious association between sweetness and assertiveness
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For women in love with French elegance, our Margot VII brand is a guarantee of quality. We create clothes in limited collections to meet all your expectations. Our Ava collection is part of this desire to satisfy you in all respects. We want to offer a timeless and chic collection.The Ava vest, a re..
08 Jun The Margot VII x Artyrie collab : an event not to be missed
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Do you want good news? Well, here is one that will not leave you indifferent: our collaboration with Artyrie, a major player in the field of fashion shows and exhibitions. Take out your agenda and get ready to meet us!Discover our creations in a special place It has been 4 years now that our fashion..
19 May The presenter France Pierron wears Margot VII
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“I am a sports journalist in high heels, it’s my identity card,” France Pierron said in an interview. With a dress style always very elegant, you are curious to know the ready-to-wear brands of this sports journalist? During these last two shows, she chose to wear two models of blouses of the brand ..
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