MARGOT VII, the brand led by designer Margot, has long been recognized for its unique style and commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. The MARGOT VII fashion show, which took place at the Galerie Bourbon in Paris, was a celebration of the vision of Margot and two jewelry artists including Petra Berends and Cathy’s Jewels.

The MARGOT VII show featured a variety of styles, with each outfit telling a particular story. MARGOT VII's creations also celebrated diversity, highlighting models of all ages, origins and genders. This sent a strong message about the importance of inclusiveness. The show highlighted collaborations with artists, combining fashion and art in a unique way. Accessories, such as jewelry, were designed to perfectly complement outfits, adding a finishing touch of sophistication.

Creative and timeless jewelers

Petra Berends added her touch of originality with artisanal and colorful jewelry. Petra Berends, from the Netherlands, is a progressive, dynamic, elegant and modern jewelry brand. Located in Haarlem since 1997, it has become a well-known name in the Netherlands over the past 24 years. This jeweler offers a wide and versatile collection, ranging from gold and silver jewelry, to handmade designer jewelry, colorful gemstones, custom jewelry, etc. Petra's jewelry is exclusive, elegant, trendy and timeless.

Cathy’s Jewels marked this show with mainly golden, sophisticated and elegant jewelry. Created by Catherine Gomes, originally from São Paulo, she created her brand Cathy’s Jewels in 2022 in New York. Her goal is to beautify each person wearing her jewelry. Combining different materials, she manages to dress the outfit with imposing and unique golden jewelry. Cathy's jewelry is chic, modern and minimalist.

The mixture of creations of these two creators was able to show a homogeneous and complementary work. The simple jewelry in its own way from Cathy’s Jewels was able to somehow attenuate the creative and quite imposing jewelry from Petra Berends. This fashion show was able to show a foretaste of a possible collaboration with these two artists and the MARGOT VII brand...