This March 8, 2024, takes place International Women's Rights Day. This is why MARGOT VII offered a rose for each woman entering the store. A draw also took place to try to win a gold-plated necklace worth €159 from Petra.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day, also called International Women's Day by the UN. It is a day highlighting the fight for women's rights and in particular for the end of inequalities compared to men. This day comes from the history of feminist struggles waged on the European and American continents.

It was Soviet Russia which was the first country to make it official in 1921 by making it a public holiday but not a non-working day until 1965. In this context, a Women's Day in Europe was organized in Belgium on November 11, 1972, in the presence of Simone de Beauvoir, and brought together 8,000 women. It was finally in 1977 that the United Nations made the day official, inviting all countries on the planet to celebrate a day in favor of women's rights. “International Women’s Day” is one of the 87 international days recognized or introduced by the UN. It is a day of demonstrations across the world: an opportunity to take stock of the situation of women in society and to demand more equal rights.

Freedom with MARGOT VII

MARGOT VII's principle and values are to encourage women to empower themselves through clothing that highlights comfort and freedom of movement. Its guideline is to liberate the part of masculinity in women while asserting their daring character through clothing. Customer well-being is the brand's main priority, which is why the choice of materials is carefully selected to guarantee the quality and comfort of the products offered.

MARGOT VII advocates the elegance of women while allowing them to differentiate themselves thanks to its pieces inspired by art. From French cinema to contemporary painting, these areas are great sources of inspiration for the founder who also wishes to add a sentimental touch and a futuristic vision. This is why for this day, MARGOT VII wanted to please each woman entering her boutique in Paris to make them feel the feeling of being unique.