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MARGOT VII was created in 2017 by its founder, Margot, passionate about art and fashion.
Member of the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français for 2 years, with experiences in the field of cinema and theatre, she then joined the Parisian fashion school ESMOD, to follow her passion that has driven her since childhood.

In 2017, her childhood dream came true with the launch of her brand, MARGOT VII.
Her will? To free the part of masculinity in the woman while affirming her daring character by the garment. MARGOT VII offers a premium range of ready-to-wear women’s clothing specialized in original creation and design with art as the main source of inspiration.



MARGOT VII offers its collections in limited quantities in order to reinforce the desire to be unique, as its slogan «For the pleasure of being unique», in order to constantly renew the creativity of its designs, but also in an eco-friendly approachresponsible for reducing waste, a very important commitment for the founder.

In 2021, the founder took the decision to ban the use of animal materials and moved towards noble and vegetable materials, such as the Piñatex for the range of leather goods (a vegetable alternative to leather made from fibres extracted from pineapple leaves).


The well-being of customers is the main priority of the brand, which is why the choice of materials is carefully selected to guarantee the quality and comfort of the products offered. But also the freedom of movement in clothing, so there is a wide choice of fluid cuts and stretchy fabrics to offer customers optimal ease.


MARGOT VII advocates the elegance of the woman while allowing her to differentiate herself thanks to her pieces inspired by art. From contemporary art to French cinema, these fields are great sources of inspiration for the founder who also wants to keep a sentimental touch and a willingness to explore a futuristic vision..
This is why we can find details of asymmetries and bi-materials in our collections.



We are registered at the European Union Office for Intellectual Property.

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