Since its launch, Vogue Ukraine has quickly established itself as an essential reference in the world of fashion, combining elegance, innovation and a unique look at the Ukrainian artistic scene. This magazine, which is part of the prestigious family of Vogue publications, was able to capture MARGOT VII pieces during Paris Fashion Week.

All the trends in Vogue

One of Vogue Ukraine's distinctive features is its continued commitment to spotlighting international fashion designers, photographers, models and artists. The magazine serves as a platform to expose local talent, providing emerging artists with global exposure. Vogue Ukraine excels at creating captivating editorials, featuring artistic photographs that tell unique stories. Editorial teams collaborate with renowned photographers, innovative stylists and emerging talents to create fashion-forward visual content. Vogue Ukraine therefore decided to dedicate an article to us on our show during Paris Fashion Week.

This exceptional show was characterized by a diversity of styles, each outfit telling a unique story. The event brilliantly highlighted artistic collaborations, merging fashion and art in unique ways. Accessories, including jewelry, have been carefully designed to perfectly complement the outfits, adding a final touch of sophistication.

The DISTANCE collection in the spotlight

The collection, entitled “DISTANCE”, explores the theme of the distance between two beings who love each other. The pieces, characterized by dark colors, evoke the depth of this separation until evolving to lighter shades in order to give back hope to it. Rich and comfortable textures are highlighted, the pieces being loose and delicately enveloping. Original asymmetrical details add an artistic dimension to the whole. The collection also offers slender shapes in colors lighter and more vibrant. The selection of warm materials aims to evoke the closeness and feeling of embrace between two individuals. If you would like to explore this new range designed for fall and winter, images from the show are available on Vogue Ukraine.

The models of this item are available in our store in Paris, as well as on our site.