MARGOT VII x Petra Berends

We are excited to announce an exclusive collaboration that will make your style sparkle. Combining our passion for art and creativity with the exceptional expertise of Petra Berends, we have created a jewelry collection that captures the very essence of timeless beauty.Each piece is an ode to sophistication, merging innovative designs with the highest quality materials. Our jewelry will become a reflection of your unique personality, adding a touch of glamor to each of your outfits, whether casual or dressy.

An artisanal and modern collection

The new collection embodies the harmony between modernity and tradition, with exquisite details and impeccable finishes. Each piece of jewelry tells a story, capturing precious moments and creating lasting memories that are absolutely a sure thing.
We look forward to sharing this adventure with you and inviting you to discover the exceptional beauty of our collaboration. Join us in this celebration of elegance and craftsmanship, where each piece becomes a work of art to be cherished.The launch of the collection is taking place today exclusively in our store in Paris, we look forward to welcoming you to present these new treasures.