A Fashion Week announcing the trends for this Fall-Winter 2023/2024

Fall and winter are great seasons for expressing creativity in the fashion world. For the 2023-2024 season, designers have a range of captivating trends in store for us, combining timeless elegance and contemporary boldness. Let's discover together the must-haves that will dominate wardrobes this fall and winter.

Fall-Winter trends deciphered

Current trends forget extravagance and turn to “quiet luxury”. You will need to pair these pieces with less eccentric clothing to create a polished and perfect look. The Sacha Skirt and Sweater will go perfectly with this classy and discreet style.

Different trends will have to be followed to look stylish. This is the case with the total denim look which remains unbeatable. The most daring will wear it in different shades for a more extravagant look. The wisest will adopt similar tones.

The 70s are making a remarkable comeback with fluid silhouettes, psychedelic prints and warm shades. Flared pants like the Paris Pants, fringed jackets and maxi dresses like the Lola Dress will be at the heart of the trends, bringing a retro-chic touch to the season.

How to follow the trendy items this Winter?

Oversized clothing continues to reign supreme this fall/winter. From extra-large coats to loose sweaters, the emphasis is on comfort without sacrificing style, just like our famous Linda Cape in. The cold season also highlights warm and cozy materials.

The classic autumnal palette is enhanced by the presence of the color burgundy. From dresses to accessories, this deep, rich hue creates an elegant and timeless vibe, perfectly suited to shorter days and longer nights. For this season, imposing jewelry, statement belts and oversized bags are the protagonists, bringing a dose of glamor and originality to each look.

The trends evoke the nostalgia of decades past while injecting a dose of modernity, creating a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of style where individuality and creativity are in the spotlight.

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