Once again, the MARGOT VII brand has been featured in a magazine. This time, it's Gmaro, an expert magazine in the field of fashion designers. Inspired by fashion as a whole, the magazine highlights trends in an incredible way by giving voice to designers, photographers and models. And this time, they chose a piece from our collection, namely the Luz blouse.

The Luz Blouse in a stylish presentation

Do you know the Luz blouse? A very simple model, delicately highlighted at the collar by a ruffle. Long sleeves, a sophisticated color, an equally elegant cut. Here, the stylist has imagined a modern look by combining it with a beautiful long dress mixing blue, beige and brown with leaf patterns. An imposing blue necklace completes the outfit as well as a beige handbag and a pair of green shoes highlighting the ankles. The Luz blouse is highlighted here by a pretty gradient of shades ranging from blue to beige, green and brown.

Have fun too!

Our Luz blouse has found here a perfect style that is both totally modern and timeless. Its cut highlights the chosen dress. It highlights the pleated waist with talent. Its neckline shows off the top of the dress elegantly. The stylists were able to show the qualities of our blouse while having fun to create a unique style of rare elegance. And you, what do you pair our blouse with? Jeans for a casual chic style? A pretty long pencil skirt for a refined and fashionable style? Or a short skirt or shorts to elegantly accentuate your look. You can then have fun creating your own casual style. Don't hesitate to put on a pair of shoes that will go perfectly with your look. A pair of sneakers, for example, or high pumps will look great.