Margot VII has imagined a new collection for this fall-winter. Let us introduce you to our creations which we are sure will delight you.

Distance, a new Margot VII collection

We wanted to create a collection that skillfully combines emotion and our convictions regarding ethical commitment. We decided to imagine clothes that combine dark colors with brighter shades. All this to tell a story. Which ? A love story between two estranged people. How ? We highlighted dark shades to symbolize distance. The textures are rich and pleasant, full of comfort. We wanted easy-to-wear, loose-fitting pieces to help you feel good every day. The cuts wrap the body with talent. They are highlighted by details made of different materials, as we are used to. The designer knew how to highlight asymmetrical models. An original sleeve will be our credo of the moment. It's a new collection that can easily accompany you every day, whether you like casual style or elegance.

Adopt Distance

The materials we have chosen refer to comfort and are particularly warm. You will be able to adopt the Love coat which will skillfully highlight your silhouette and your chest with sensual, pleasant and easy-to-wear cuts. The material of this coat in 100% cotton and wool will keep you warm all winter long. Do you prefer a beautiful dress? The Diana dress will delight you. The side of it is decorated with pleats for even more style. This dress is made of wool with a pleated side made from silk and Tencel to be simply elegant and charming. You can also change your style with a totally original element like the Linda cape. This combines fashion details. The two nicely assembled straps bring a unique style to the model. The large pocket at the bottom of the cape is made of a different material to add even more style. It will allow you to bundle up from the first cold weather and maintain your unique and casual elegance without any problem.