You may know the actress Yasmine Aker who you will have noticed in the series Chaldea or in the film Sleep no more. This young artist, she is also a singer and songwriter, has made a name for herself in the world of cinema, but she is also known for her defense of women's rights. It is therefore an honor for us to see her wearing our creations in Jejune magazine!

A high-end career

The young woman has been in the film industry since 2015, when she started filming for the series Chaldea. She continued her career by appearing in various series such as, for example, Grey's Anatomy. From 2010, we saw her in films, such as Josua tree, Colony, and Sleep no more. She was also the voice of Kali in the video game Rainbow Six.

The young woman is also a screenwriter and model. She wore Margot VII creations. We can see her wearing the H bustier and H lace skirt set. She wears these elements with simple golden jewelry and enhances the outfit with simplicity and elegance around a zen and pure decor. Both very stylish and extremely trendy, the young woman showcases Margot VII creations with talent and displays our style with pride.

A woman who fights with conviction

Yasmine Aker works for many associations. In 2022, she participated in the LA Global Day of Action Protest in Iran. She organizes and participates in numerous marches to defend the rights of Iranian women in the United States. She participates, in fact, in the “Woman Life Freedom” movement. It highlights the freedom of women to live as they see fit and as they wish in an egalitarian society.

Seeing such an illustrious woman with such strong convictions wearing our outfits is a real honor for our team!

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