Here are my new famous pants seen by other stylists. This time around, he’s featured in fashion staple Glamor magazine.

An identical model, yet different

You undoubtedly know our famous Me pants with their casual, slightly sporty and totally trendy style. With Glamour, he knew how to renew himself as best as possible. Worn with a simple t-shirt and stylish silver sandals, accompanied by a leather jacket, it has found a new identity in a very refined natural shade. This simple yet chic look highlighted the quality of the material of our pants. The fabric is at the heart of this style and has been able to highlight with ease. The quality of our material (remember that it is silk and rayon) is highlighted in a sophisticated, yet classic look.

A complete look with the Me pants

Here, our pants are worn with a top in the same shade for a chic and refined look. But you can have fun with our pants very easily. You will be able to test it for a hyper sensual look with a bra top and dizzying heels. You can also wear it very simply with a blouse to set it off as well as possible. Don’t forget high-heeled pumps for even more refinement. 

Bur our Me pants can also be combined with different shades. If it is worn in monochrome, it can also be combined with more original shades. Combine it, for example, with flamboyant pink or an equally colorful orange. Our material will also be perfect with navy of black for a nicely contrasting look. You can really do whatever you want with it. Our Me pants will always be impeccable with their casual chic style. It can be worn with a casual outfit or a more sophisticated outfit. It will always be perfect and will allow you to enhance your look with talent.

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