Our Me pants in EstiMag

Do you know the American magazine Esti Mag? This magazine highlights trends in art, music and, of course, fashion. And guess what? One of our creations, the Me pant, found its way into the pages of the magazine. And we loved the way the designer reinvented our creation!

The Me Pants as seen by EstiMag 

We like to imagine our pants worn with style and refinement. But that's not what Esti Mag's stylist did. In fact, our model has been totally reworked to create an incredible look in a vintage spirit. The model wears a particularly low-cut black swimsuit with turquoise bangs, a turquoise jacket and bag, and sky-blue mules. As for accessories, a predominantly blue scarf, a red necklace and a gold bracelet highlight this look straight out of the 1970s.

Our ivory pants are enhanced by the combination of turquoise and this style straight from the past. We hadn't thought of it, but it's a perfect match!

Me pants and EstiMag, a winning duo

The look imagined by Julia Baratova, the stylist who worked on this shoot, is incredibly sophisticated yet sober. A bodysuit (or at least a swimsuit used as such), a shirt that doubles as a jacket and a pair of sandals. Here, the allure is optimal. There's no lack of taste. What's more, this look is very easy to reproduce with pieces you can easily find. It's up to you to choose the color scheme that suits you best. You can replace the turquoise with a flashy pink or a sunny orange. The color of our pants goes with everything, so don't worry.

And you'll be able to create your own look with the Me pants, since they're perfect for a very refined or more casual look.

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