Margot VII's AVA collection redefines elegance in Malvie Magazine

The world of fashion is constantly evolving, pushing back the boundaries of creativity and expression. Malvie Magazine highlights this evolution by presenting the AVA collection in a new light, where femininity meets chic to create a captivating marriage.

The bold approach of the AVA collection in Malvie Magazine

The AVA collection designed by Margot VII offers a sartorial experience rich in sophistication and audacity. To present this collection, Malvie Magazine adopts a visionary angle, highlighting the intrinsic sensuality of each piece, while retaining its timeless chic essence. Each garment becomes a declaration of self-confidence, revealing a new dimension of femininity.

Malvie Magazine's bold vision is perfectly illustrated by the AVA vest. Its retro cut is skilfully blended with modern details, creating a unique symbiosis of past and present. Leather accents add a note of deft provocation, while maintaining impeccable distinction. The AVA vest becomes a statement piece to be worn with confidence, symbolizing the successful alliance between sensuality and refinement.

The AVA collection transcends conventional standards 

The AVA collection transcends conventional fashion standards. The short metre of the Ava skirt, accentuated by leather details, brings a rock'n'roll touch to classic grace, creating a harmony that captures the essence of the modern woman. Bold choices of materials and cuts, notably the tweed shorts, embody an avant-garde vision of fashion where comfort and aesthetics merge.

Malvie Magazine offers a fresh perspective on Margot VII's AVA collection. This captivating editorial reveals how the union of sexy and chic gives birth to a collection that revolutionizes standards and reveals the power of self-confidence through clothing. Contemporary women can appropriate these unique pieces to express their individuality with daring finesse.

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Crédit :

Stylist: @StyledByCraigMaQ 

Photographer: @robertaltmanphoto

Talent/Model: @olivial004 

Hair: @letty_r.p 

MUA: @facebysandradene