The Margot bag and the graphic designer Charlotte Bouchard


For its new campaign, Margot VII wanted to showcase its latest creation, the Margot VII bag. To do so, we called on photographer Charlotte Bouchard, a graphic designer with expertise in accessories. Want to know more? We'll tell you all about it.

Our bag, a creation that shows our values

For this shoot, we wanted above all to showcase a unique creation that conveys the spirit of our brand: fashion, trend and respect for nature. We wanted shots that brought together our vision of fashion, a skilful blend of modernity and trend, and our philosophy. And that's why our bag is a key part of our values. This model not only shows our inspiration in fashion, but also our spirit of protecting the planet. Our bag is made from a totally vegetable-based leather (the much-touted Piñatex), a noble material derived from pineapple fibers and presenting a look very similar to animal leather.

With this creation, we've succeeded in offering a bag that's fashionable, easy to wear and combine, ultra-trendy, but also protects the planet. In short, a nice summary of our philosophy.

Perfect shots

By calling on the professional Charlotte Bouchard, we imagined and obtained shots of our bag capable of presenting this philosophy very simply. The photographer came up with images of our creation presented with the 4 elements of the universe: fire, water, air and earth. Each element is represented by a symbol staged with the bag. Each image is presented in a pure, uncluttered way. No complicated compositions. No visual overload. Our bag is simply accompanied by an element (coal for fire, stone for earth, smoke for air, ripples for water). As for colors, we're sticking to gray tones. Silver sequins harmonize divinely with these elements, offering a zen-like vision totally in keeping with what we wanted.

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