The Nana skirt in Vigour


One of our creations is featured in a magazine straight from the other side of the Atlantic. Which magazine? Vigour, a Canadian magazine. Which design? Our Nana denim skirt. We tell you more about this collaboration.

An exceptional presentation

Let's take a look at this internationally successful magazine. Dedicated to fashion design in all its forms, from styling and photography to make-up, Vigour aims to showcase the very best in the field. The magazine is published online, but also in a luxury paper version.

So much for the magazine's expertise in the world of fashion and all its players, but also in the latest cutting-edge trends. Vigour shows you the looks you need to keep up with fashion. It also creates them.

In June 2023, in its new issue, the magazine presents 5 ultra-trendy looks. And among them, the "Tangled in Soho" look shows off our Nana skirt with incredible flair.


A look to adopt for style

The magazine's stylist knew how to present the casual-chic aspect of our creation. The model, Jules Santiago, wears a cropped denim jacket and a pair of black ankle-hugging boots. She is photographed by Reem al Yafaey. A simple choker and three-finger ring accompany the outfit. Nothing else. Pure simplicity, but also casual elegance. In short, the look created is perfect to enhance our skirt.

Have you fallen for this look? It's easy enough to reproduce. Adopt a pretty denim cropped jacket. Choose a model with a combination of materials to best reproduce the magazine's creation.You can also wear our Nana skirt with the VA cropped jacket. On your feet, slip on a pair of boots with chunky heels. It's true that the model wears only a small jacket. So going to work can be a problem. How about adding our white t-shirt? The result is an easy-to-wear outfit that's casual yet ultra-chic.