We are delighted to celebrate today MARGOT VII's 6th anniversary !

Since 2017, we have worked tirelessly to offer our clients a unique experience, combining elegance with boldness and creativity. We are proud of our journey and what we have accomplished so far.

Our commitment to our customers and the planet is still as strong as on day one.
We are also committed to offering clothing in limited quantities, to encourage our customers to feel unique and to have a wardrobe that looks like them.

We believe in the importance of creativity and originality, and we are delighted that our clients share this vision.

We would like to thank our loyal clients for their continued support and confidence in Margot VII. The team is delighted to be part of your life and to accompany you in your quest for elegance, femininity and confidence.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds and continuing to grow with you.
Happy 6th birthday, Margot VII!

The Margot VII team