You love Margot VII creations, but hesitate a little to succumb to models. Are you worried that dresses, skirts or trousers won’t suit you? We have a solution for you: our tailor-made workshop.

A workshop just for you !

Creating a garment is not always easy. It obviously has to go to many, many silhouettes and not only to the models who wear them. We have therefore imagined a special service to make our parts real allies to sublimate you.

You would like to put on our ME suit, but fear that it will not suit you at all (length, width...). Don’t worry, come and meet us in our workshop, located at 15 avenue Victor Hugo, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.
You can then modify our models according to your needs and adapt it to your silhouette. But that’s not all!
You can also have a completely personalized model made.

Chat with our stylist and imagine the perfect garment that will make you notice. Cut, color, details, you are the designer! Our stylist can advise you on the best choices to make to get the garment of your dreams and that you will not see anywhere else!

A stylist at your service

So here you are in front of your personal stylist (yes, yes, it’s all about that for a few hours). He will make the pattern of your room and after a few days of work will propose it to you. It will ideally match your dimensions and perfectly match what you want.

But our professional can also simply chat with you if you only wish fashion advice from an expert in the field. Sit down for a coffee and ask him all your questions. He will find the styles that best suit you and can tell you which pieces to choose to sublimate you. These tips fashion you help you dress well and find your own style.