Margot VII wanted to imagine a collection that was easy to wear, beautiful of course and beautifully trendy. VA was then born. Vest, jacket, shorts, skirt or pants, we have thought of all your desires.

A collection that combines novelty and Margot VII spirit

As we know, you often want to change. Without changing everything! And so are we. That's why our designers have imagined a totally new collection that keeps the markers that have made us successful.

For this VA collection, we wanted noble fabrics, perfect cuts, but modern, and of course a touch of unique originality.

The most demanding will appreciate the beautiful beige color, enhanced by pretty little brown and ivory patterns that blend very easily with everything. The style is terribly chic, urban and casual, ideal for sunny days. Very comfortable, these pieces harmoniously mix tweed and plain PU leather details.

On the cutting side, we wanted an ultra-feminine and comfortable collection that brings together different inspirations. The vest sports an XXL cut for a casual look. The pants are inspired by the 50s for a wide cut, which refers to the men's wardrobe. The skirt has a simple cut, which is suitable for all silhouettes and styles. The long shorts stand out with a different height between the front and back of the legs. The short jacket is ideal in summer and stands out with its sporty chic look.

Have fun with the VA collection

You have the choice to create a total look with our collection. You can adopt the pants and vest associated with a simple bra for an ultra-trendy and refined look.

You can also shift the pieces by associating them with your clothes already present in your wardrobe. The skirt will be perfect with a simple t-shirt and a pair of sneakers for a very sporty look. You can also put on the jacket with jeans and leather sandals for an elegant look. Bet on pastel shades to highlight the beige of va pieces.

You can also choose to energize them with a beautiful orange element. Then adopt a flashy top and marry it with the shorts. Complete your outfit with high heels and you are at the forefront of the trend for this summer season.

Do you like bohemian style? The vest will be perfect with a long floral skirt, worn on the skin.

The VA collection can also accompany you in autumn. The jacket will then be the perfect complement to give style to a simple dark pants. The ivory finishes of the sleeves will add a totally unique note of distinction.


We told you, we have imagined a collection that can follow all your desires with talent!

VA Jacket 

VA Short

VA Skirt 

VA Vest

VA Pants