MARGOT VII appeared in Grazia magazine on May 29, 2024, highlighting the Stelle blouse in a very New York setting.

The New York Stelle Blouse

Grazia Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine known for its fashion-forward aesthetic and creative approach to editorial content. It features photography, interviews and articles covering a wide range of topics including fashion, beauty, art, music and culture. The magazine often highlights emerging talent and unconventional perspectives within the fashion industry, making it a platform for established and emerging artists and designers. Here, Grazia highlighted MARGOT VII and her Stelle blouse. Worn by Riley Hyatt, photographer Luigi Galvao was able to use New York City to bring out this look. This shooting having taken place in the beautiful streets of New York, shows a simplicity which has an effect, the Stelle blouse is associated here with a black and white patterned jacket as well as shorts and a bag in nude colors, which blend together perfectly in this look.

Summer is coming…

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