MARGOT VII appeared in Vulkan magazine, highlighting the VII set, composed of a top and a skirt, in a very natural setting.

The all-natural VII set

Vulkan Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine known for its fashion-forward aesthetic and creative approach to editorial content. It features photography, interviews and articles covering a wide range of topics including fashion, beauty, art, music and culture. The magazine often highlights emerging talent and unconventional perspectives within the fashion industry, making it a platform for established and emerging artists and designers. Here, Vulkan highlighted MARGOT VII and its VII ensemble. Worn by Amber Larsson, photographer Francesca Andre knew how to use nature to bring out this look. This shooting having taken place in a field, shows a simplicity which is effective, the VII set is associated here with a long coat with tailored collar, which blends perfectly into this look.

Nature in beauty

MARGOT VII which is an eco-responsible brand, produced only on demand in order to avoid overproduction. Nature is therefore very important for the brand. In 2021, the founder made the decision to ban the use of animal materials and moved towards noble, natural and plant-based materials, such as Piñatex for the leather goods range. For its ethics, the House offers its collections in limited quantities in order to reinforce the desire to be unique, as underlined by its slogan "For the pleasure of being unique", in order to constantly renew the creativity of its designs, but also in a responsible approach to limit waste, a very important commitment for the founder.