MARGOT VII appeared in the famous Scorpio Vin magazine, highlighting the Sacha Skirt using layering and artificial intelligence.

Discover the Sacha Skirt from another angle

The magazine presents the Sacha Skirt in an innovative way, using layering and artificial intelligence. Model Cristina Torres and stylist Maskim Mizgirev perfectly showcased the Sacha Skirt by pairing it with a layering outfit, layering a long white lace skirt and a jacket with an integrated corset in shades of beige. Photographer Alice Cipriano used artificial intelligence to create a visual universe consistent with the outfit, characterized by nude tones and a cloudy background hinting at a big city. The AI used created a futuristic effect mixed with the artistic side of the look, creating a unique universe. This photo shoot showed the Sacha skirt worn in a different, very avant-garde way, while transporting us into an unreal universe. This blend of futurism and art gave the shoot a unique ambiance, presenting the Sacha skirt in a captivating, avant-garde way.


Layering, an avant-garde style

Layering comes from the English word "layer". This technique is based on the principle of layering pieces visibly, playing on the contrasting materials, colors and volumes of our garments. Layering isn't just for aesthetic reasons: between a big, thick coat and an outfit consisting of a sweater, shirt and jacket, the latter trio will be much more effective at keeping you warm. In our day-to-day lives, filled with to-ing and fro-ing between heated interiors and cold winters, the ability to adapt your outfit as the day progresses is a real comfort. It's also a good way of bringing back into fashion pieces we've sometimes forgotten. Last but not least, this technique allows you to break away from the seasonality imposed by the fashion industry, making your look even more personal.