MARGOT VII appeared in the famous BAZAAR magazine, highlighting the Stelle Blouse, with a futuristic and artistic aspect.

The Stelle Blouse from another angle

Model Rio and stylist Maskim Mizgirev perfectly highlighted the Stelle blouse by wearing it with a very retro corset and a little floral skirt. The photo shoot, carried out by photographer Khalil Covington, also used a black background, making each of the different designers' pieces stand out. The AI used made it possible to create a futuristic effect mixed with the artistic sides of the different looks creating a unique and quite magical universe. Each photo from this shoot showed different looks, taking us into an unreal and very avant-garde universe. In this issue of BAZAAR, you will be able to find different looks from different designers, always highlighting these vintage and original pieces. This chic and elegant look with MARGOT VII, shows a different aspect of the Stelle Blouse with a different way of wearing it.

Unique fabrics

At MARGOT VII, you will find original and unique fabrics, highlighting the asymmetry and bi-material of each piece. The Stelle blouse has a very fine and floral fabric bringing out an elegance in each one. This fabric is also present on the black, beige and white Stelle dress. The fabric used for the Meli dress, composed of Silk and Rayon, highlights the softness of the fabric as well as patterns perfect for summer. Each fabric is associated with a creation with a lot of thought in order to create unique garments for each. This lightness when wearing MARGOT VII clothes is also due to the choice of materials to allow you to feel good throughout your day.