MARGOT VII appears in the pages of Gezno, trend-leading avant-garde magazines.

The Paris skirt in Gezno

The Parisian brand is in the spotlight at number 15 Gezno, for January 2024. Our Paris skirt is highlighted there, creating an elegant outfit thanks to stylist Jacqueline Lunkes (Instagram: @lunkestyle) and the talent of photographer Reem Al Yafaey (Instagram: @reemyafz). Worn by the magnificent Adrienne Hedvat (Instagram: @ahedvat), this outfit combines casualness and sophistication. Worn low-waisted, the skirt  is then highlighted with this short striped shirt which creates an offbeat and modern look. In a fairly orange decor, this nuance of colors perfectly brings out the colors of the different pieces worn. Asymmetrical and detailed, it can be worn for any event of the day adding that unique side to your outfit.

Our creation in the spotlight

Our Paris skirt, made of modern gray-blue wool, asymmetrical, elegantly slit, inspired by the masterpieces of the painter Pablo Picasso, to mix Art with fashion creating a unique harmony. Adorned with a faux leather belt, it's totally up to date. You can complete your look with the Paris jacket for an elegant, harmonious and Parisian chic silhouette. You can also wear this skirt with a top like the Love sweater  or wear the Paris jacket  with the Love pants. These pieces are available in stores and online!

Stay up to date with the latest trends with Margot VII in issue 15 of Gezno. Don't miss the opportunity to discover our creations and stay at the forefront of fashion.