To put love at the forefront, the designer has decided to offer you a draw to please you on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

A Valentine's Day look

For this Valentine's Day, MARGOT VII has prepared many ideas for looks and gifts for you. We indeed had many models that would have highlighted you for this special day. You had the opportunity to shine with a very elegant Lola dress, add a little touch of rock with the sensual Love dress or even put on the very voluptuous EM dress. Would you prefer to wear a different top and bottom? Adopt the W top to refinely highlight your chest, or the SO blouse with its beautiful neckline. Combine these pieces with the VA shorts to highlight your beautiful legs or the VII skirt with its timeless style.

International model Yuliya Lasmovich , very well known in Miami, with her own style, created her Valentine's Day look with MARGOT VII, combining the white Stelle dress, a chic piece, which appeared during the Fashion Week show 2023. Made from silk and tencel, this white dress features subtle vertical patterns that elongate your silhouette. Its pleasant, supple and flying material delicately wraps the body, offering exceptional comfort and a fluid silhouette. With its long cut and delicate drape on the side, this dress offers an elegant and modern look, perfect for any special occasion, paired with the Margot bag. A simple and sexy look, perfect for this occasion.

Instagram: @yuliyalasmovich

MARGOT VII events that delighted you

We knew that it's not always easy to buy what you like. This is why Margot VII decided to offer you, to celebrate Valentine's Day, a draw organized by our team to offer you pieces from our collection. This took place in our store until February 18, 2024 in Paris.

This is how we celebrated Valentine’s Day at MARGOT VII!