Perhaps you have already heard of the famous Wolf & Badger boutique. Since 2010, the place offers pieces totally in the trend in its shops in Los Angeles, London and New York. And if we tell you about Wolf & Badger, it is simply because they have chosen the Margot VII collections to complete the creations they offer.


A few words about Wolf & Badger

More than twenty young designers are present in the aisles of the very diverse shop. Beauty, interior decoration, small gifts to please are also there. Wolf & Badger is indeed not limited to clothing fashion (men and women) even if it has a very wide catalog in the field. You can find something to embellish your home: dishes, candles, lamps... Cosmetics, but also small objects to make beautiful gifts are also there.

In addition, online, there is a magazine that allows you to learn more about the creators, but also the trends.

The shop is known for its selective choices of independent designers, but also for the ethical labels it presents. B&W considers above all fashion with a human aspect and values the actors in this field.

Margot VII at Wolf & Badger

The brand offers a presentation for each label. So we had to imagine a business card capable of presenting ourselves at best. In a few lines, we have highlighted our DNA. Wolf & Badger completed our work with three labels: happy workers, happy planet and happy world. Because the brand offers small icons that are very easy to understand if you are looking for a specific item regarding the protection of the planet and its inhabitants.


Let us add that we are proud, because the totality of our collections is presented and not only a few pieces. You will be able to find during your travels our creations, which will become a (useful and) unique memory! And if you lack inspiration to enhance our pieces, Wolf & Badger offers tips for each garment presented to create a perfect look!

Wolf & Badger was named a Sustainable Retailer in 2020 by Drapers and quickly became a Certified B Corporation.