We are extremely proud to find our Ava skirt in the cutting-edge New York magazine Weekly Style (December 2021 issue). Its pretty wool tweed and lambskin details are displayed on page 4 in a fall-inspired painting. In the middle of half a dozen other creations, our pencil skirt stands out on a yellow background. It is one of the highlights of our collection this winter, along with the shorts, pants, down jacket and vest of the same name.

Weekly Style Magazine December issue

Like a fish in the water in Brooklyn

If Paris remains one of the capitals of fashion since always, New York is also bubbling. Designers, customers from the East Coast

and journalists from the Big Apple share their passions in the world of high-end ready-to-wear. Margot VII has also undertaken a collaboration with one of these multi-brand boutiques that provide fashionistas and stars with original looks.

And after the presence of Ava pants in last week's Goji, we are extremely grateful and proud to discover our skirt in Weekly Style between the big luxury brands such as: BALENCIAGA, ETRO, NANUSHKA, MONOSUIT, LAPOINTE...

Weekly Style, the fashion elevated in art

Weekly Style is a valuable review. It highlights in a very artistic and aesthetic way, with splendid photos, ambitious, chic and innovative fashion. Does this remind you of anything? Margot VII of course! In the image of the New York spirit, with strong colors, falsely simple cuts and always amazing details, we love ultra-feminine and unconstrained pieces.

Our comfortable and sober style appeals to American women. We share a not so conformist elegance, twisted with a lot of creativity. The Ava skirt is a classic garment that displays its modernity. Pencil skirt below the knee, it closes at the back by a discreet zip. It is dressed in the beautiful tweed 30% wool with the beautiful brown, black, cream and caramel weft of the collection. Its large flat belt and the unique pocket like a bag plated on the hip are made of lambskin.

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