Once again, our creations are worn by a fashion star, Olga Ferrara. Both influencer and stylist, she adopted our down jacket and shorts from the Ava collection to create an exceptional look.

Olga and Margot VII


Olga Ferrara has a lot of taste, we know it and her choices in the field of fashion always have a significant impact. When she decided to put two of our pieces on her Instagram page, our House was beyond proud. Olga has created a simple yet incredibly refined look with our down jacket and shorts from the Ava collection. She combines them with beautiful beige waders, an ultra chic beige and taupe bag, a top, too, beige and of course a pair of sunglasses with an equally beige frame.

The set creates a look of unique refinement that combines one of the star colors of the moment (beige) with black. This basic is totally revisited with great talent by the stylist.



You too can create a unique look


With our pieces from the Ava collection, it's very easy to imagine exceptional looks, like Olga!

Grab the shorts and pair them with a lace blouse and soaring pumps for a gala dinner. Put on the down jacket with mom jeans for a more casual chic look without fail.

Shift the sporty chic down jacket with a PU leather pencil skirt. Do like Olga and opt for a nice black and beige wedding. You can complete your style by adopting a pair of ballerinas that will totally shift your look to make it a totally unique look.


Whether you are ultra chic or more casual, these pieces can adapt to your desires with their pretty tweed, which is back in force this year. It's really easy to get inspired by the best stylists of the moment when you have the pieces you need! So, you too play stylist and have fun!

AVA down jacket 

AVA short