Sometimes it only takes a little to highlight a garment. A beautiful Californian sunset, a simple style, a heavenly setting and voila! If you doubt it, take a look at the photos of our VIO coat worn by supermodel Yuliya Lasmovich.

An incredible staging

To highlight a garment, there is no need to spend long hours selecting stunning accessories or unique clothing pairings. The proof? Yuliya gives it to you. A pair of boots, a bag and that's enough. We wanted a very sophisticated look at our creation, but also a bit naughty (you noticed that the miss does not wear anything under our coat!) to mark the end of the year. And the result lives up to our expectations. In a nice gradient of colors that harmoniously mixes nature and our coat (from gold to gray through purple), the style is honored without overdoing it. It's all about the details. A soft fall with pure virgin wool. A style inspired by the trench coat. Boots highlighting the ankles with elegance and a bag that takes the shades of the whole. It doesn't take more to create a look perfectly in harmony with our spirit.


One coat, several possibilities

The advantage of our model is that it can accompany you in many circumstances. It will put your good taste forward to go to work with simple straight pants and vertiginous heels or better yet ultra-thin ballerinas. A simple white blouse will be the ideal companion of the outfit without forgetting a bag that you can choose from the leather bags to bring an original touch.

You can also put on your coat to go out with your friends. It will then be ideal with a mini skirt or dress and will let guess your beautiful legs highlighted by cavalier boots or socks. For a very special occasion, prefer heels. For a simpler moment, flat heels will be perfect. The subtle color of our model allows you to associate it with everything. Between gray and purple, it goes with black, white, warm or cold colors. It can even be paired with metallic hues like silver or gold for even more sophistication.

Manteau VIO