We decided to change our creations a little to offer you, with the H collection, ultra-feminine models and totally off the beaten track. But rest assured, we have kept our basics (impeccable quality, a mixture of textures, an ultra refined style) to which we have added some small touches totally unique.

A summer collection par excellence

Our designers have imagined an outfit that is easy to wear, comfortable and elegant. We decided to use a quality cotton that we married to an ultra refined lace on tulle. It's an elegant transparency game that shows a lot without ever revealing anything! The skirt is, in fact, offered with simple shorts that are hidden under the ultra long and split petticoat.

The bustier plays on the contrasts of fabric and displays a beautiful lace and united cups in the same chromatic range. The cut remains simple, but knows how to highlight the breasts. A delicate zipper on the side adds practicality to the model.

The H collection is ideal for creating a very chic bohemian look with its refined lace and beautiful beige color.


Imagine a perfect outfit

These two-piece pieces can naturally be used together to create an ultra glamorous and feminine look, inspired by the most pointed bohemian outfits. You can then put on a beautiful pair of leather sandals and a capeline made of vegetable fibers.

You can also associate your bustier with a beautiful floral skirt to vary the pleasures.

The H collection can also be redesigned to create a more urban or street look. Adopt the bustier with cargo pants for a comfortable and very stylish outfit. Or pair it with a jogging stocking for a very streetstyle look. It can obviously accompany a pencil skirt for a very sensual look under a beautiful jacket.

The skirt can, on the other hand, marry with a simple t-shirt. To shift his romantic style, do not hesitate to associate it with a pair of canvas boots, also beige.


For this new season, we wanted to create a collection that is both very romantic and ultra-modern, very feminine and ultra-comfortable, very chic and casual. The ideal to be sublime under the sun!

Bustier H

Jupe H