Are you looking for chic, casual, 70's inspired clothing pieces? We've got just the thing for you! Margot VII has come up with the perfect outfit that just got a new color.

Be fashionable without complicating your life

As you all know, vintage is always at the top of the runway, especially when it's revisited. With our 100% cotton Zoe set, you get two pieces. The blouse is reminiscent of a track suit top. The simple cut, neat details like the zipper and the yoke on the sleeves, highlighted by contrasting PU leather, or the simple yet feminine cut make this blouse a must-have to be on the cutting edge of fashion. You can adopt it alone or with the pants from the same collection. This one has a high waist, a very vintage cut and close to the body, but also contrasting pieces at the level of the slits present at the bottom of the legs. The blue color, which could be found from the creation of the two pieces also has a great importance. Ultra-modern and very chic, it highlights the style of the set and is noticed. But as Margot VII knows that the original colors may not please everyone, we decided to offer a black version of our set to satisfy the greatest number.  

Put on the Zoe set and be trendy

Did you like our pieces? And would you like to know how to wear them to look your best? Here are some ideas. The easiest way is to put on the outfit. In blue, it will bring dynamism. In black, it will be ultra chic. You can pair it with a pair of sneakers for a sporty chic look. You can also choose a single piece. If you opt for the blouse, you can marry it with a pair of mom jeans or a long and flowery skirt, but also for an unheard of and hyper trendy shift with a pencil skirt or for a very streetwear look a slim or a XXL jogging bottom. What to put on your feet? Everything! The slit allows you to show off your shoes. Go for ballet flats with a floral skirt and high pumps with a pencil skirt. You can also adopt derbies to bring a refined and very chic touch to your outfit.

Blouse Zoé

Pantalon Zoé