With the beautiful days, we want to go out and do more outdoor activities. At Margot VII, we wanted to create more sporty pieces to meet your desires. The brand new Basique collection was born. And we must admit, our designers had fun! Want to know more? 

Easy to live and wear pieces

Our new collection consists of two sweatshirts, two t-shirts and a tank top. The tank top has a low cut shoulder to show off your figure. A close fit accentuates the effect. Style is in the details and we know that. Our designers have highlighted the bottom of the tank top with a nice drop. A long side, a shorter side for an original style. 

Let's see now the t-shirts. The first one, the Emilie t-shirt, has short sleeves for more comfort. Again, we find the nice unhooked this time on the sleeves. The collar is a contrasting color (we will return to the colors in a few moments) for even more style. And the simple cut follows the body. The second, the LA t-shirt, is short with an elasticated bottom. A crop top version of the basic t-shirt, it is adorned with very short sleeves (with the drop) that emphasize the shoulders with elegance.

Two sweatshirts complete the collection. The first is a model for cool days. With its hood and long sleeves, it remains in the classic sport spirit. The small drop is once again on the sleeves, which is also the case with the other sweatshirt that this time does not have a hood.

As for the material, the collection is designed in a soft and very flexible cotton.

Let's go back to the colors we chose to adorn this range. For each model, we wanted two colors. The tank top is black and lilac, the hoodie is black and cream, the hoodless sweater is black and lilac, the t-shirt is black and white, and the crop top is black and cream.

Create custom looks with the new Basique collection

The sporty spirit reigns over this new collection and obviously you can wear the different pieces with a pair of sneakers and leggings or jogging pants.

But you can also shift these tops to create a personal upscale look. For example, the crop top can be paired with a pencil skirt and high heels for a very chic look. The hoodie will be able to highlight a nice long, floral and light skirt. Ballerinas will complete the look with talent.

The collection is available exclusively in our Parisian boutique: 15 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 PARIS

For more information, please contact us at : Atelier@margotvii.com