The Ava jacket and the VII skirt highlighted in Glamor magazine thanks to a completely offbeat look.

Ava vest and VII dress wear unique fashion

Glamor is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that features the latest fashion trends, features photoshoots with celebrities and models, and offers style tips for its readers. Glamor strives to stay relevant in an ever-changing world, reflecting current trends and highlighting diversity and inclusion. He therefore highlighted pieces from MARGOT VII in his current trends with the Ava jacket and the VII skirt, unique and chic, you can wear them in many different ways. This beautiful look was created by stylist Katya Anleu and is worn by model Veronica Nicole, photographer Ella Cochrane is here outdoing MARGOT VII's look in various photos. The two-piece set constitutes a unique look as well as the originality of the brand.

Wear MARGOT VII this season

For this season, you can find the capsule collection in our stores and on our website. In mixed and bi-material asymmetry, you add a touch to your outfit and respond to your parisian chic. The Stelle Dress, the Love Pants or the Lola Dress will be perfect pieces for this season.