In order to highlight the new creations of MARGOT VII, a photo shoot took place at the Trocadéro in the streets of Paris.

New creations full of elegance

Through the camera lens, the vibrant atmosphere of a world of sophistication comes to life in this photo shoot. Each shot tells a story, each look frozen in time embodies the quintessence of style.

MARGOT VII's creations in this limited collection were highlighted, showing the black Stella dress, the Lola dress more elegant than ever, the Baby set accompanied by the Love coat as well as some new scarves. You will find the Parisian and chic style of the brand as well as the asymmetry and the bi-material still present.

This shooting was able to highlight the elegance and quality of each garment accompanied by a festive atmosphere to celebrate these end-of-year holidays.

Capsule, a timeless collection

Inspired by the DISTANCE collection, Capsule has revisited classics from MARGOT VII in order to offer more choices to the ladies of Paris. A timeless collection with high quality fabrics, timeless colors and this sothisphication that we never stop seeing. Thanks to this collection, you will be immersed in the brand's universe, with elegance, love, softness and asymmetry.

This collection is available in our store in Paris as well as on our website.

Our store in New York has also changed address in order to expand it, here is the new address: 419 Broome st. New York.