Margot VII's top VII in Glamour magazine

Glamour has decided to feature the Margot VII top in its magazine. In the new issue, you can discover our creation at its best. So, are you ready to discover our creation? Follow us.

The VII top as seen by Glamour

Glamour took to the streets of New York to show off our top. The magazine's professionals imagined our top in a totally revisited version. Here, our top is worn inside out. The zip is thus worn with the light side in front and the leather side and zip as well. The wool side is the back. This new version of our top is worn with pants and heels for a very working girl, very casual chic look. The two-material aspect of our top is thus highlighted and enhanced in an exceptional way. The look imagined here is simply perfect, offering an ultra-modern, ultra-trendy silhouette. Our top takes center stage and enhances the silhouette. 

Versions of our VII top to suit all tastes

As you can imagine, our VII top is easy to combine to create a wide range of looks. Its black wool side works wonders with, say, a pencil skirt or simple pants. It's also perfect with casual chino pants or straight-leg pants. In terms of color, it's easy to match. You can play with black and white for a very elegant look. You can also imagine more original color combinations. A pretty pink or duck blue will set off our top with flair. You can also revisit our top by wearing it inside out to give it a unique, modern touch. The zip will then be highlighted and the beige-white side of the faux leather will bring a rare elegance to your look. Now it's up to you to imagine your own provhain look with this top chosen by Glamour. You'll see that anything is possible and that this top will always be perfect. 

Discover our VII Top