The Me Pants as seen by Magazine Some

Some Magazine aims to be different, to inspire rather than dictate. Based in Puerto Rico, it is distributed worldwide. And it chose to feature one of Margot VII's creations in its latest issue. And that is? Our Me pants!

A new take on the Me Pant

The magazine's stylist elegantly highlighted our creation. A brown shirt used as a jacket, a sky-blue bra top with pretty embroidered motifs, beige pointed-toe shoes, a bracelet, a pair of ethnic earrings and a small bag with sequins and a gold chain - these are the elements that make up this outfit, which is both casual and incredibly modern without overdoing it. Not forgetting, of course, our Me pants.

It's a look that's easy to wear, urban and refined, yet casual chic. Our pants fit perfectly into this ultra-trendy look. The associated shades highlight the straight cut, sporty spirit and tone-on-tone print, not forgetting the ivory hue.

Inspired ? Go for it !

You like this outfit and would like to wear it? Why not? It's easy to reproduce. Choose a shirt in a shiny brown or copper fabric. Then choose a bra in a contrasting color. You can choose a light blue to faithfully reproduce the composition. But you can also give free rein to your desires by choosing a pink model such as Top Weina, a color that goes wonderfully well with copper. When it comes to shoes, opt for elegant city models with a buckle on top. In terms of color, opt for a light shade. Let's move on to accessories. Keep it simple, but don't go for too basic or too crazy. Here, the designer has opted for minimalist gold jewelry: a geometric mesh bracelet and ethnic-inspired earrings in red and blue, beautifully accented with gold. If you can't find a similar style, then gold hoop earrings are the perfect complement to this look. Let's talk about bags. Here, a model inspired by clutches is in the spotlight, and you can easily find a similar model provided, of course, you opt for sequins, which give the look a modern edge and a touch of craziness.

As you can see, the look presented in Some magazine is perfect, and has the added advantage of being fairly easy to reproduce. So have fun! You're sure to get nothing but compliments.

Credits :

Publication: SOME MAGAZINE
The Copper Room by Flying Solo @flyingsolonyc @flyingsolo_pr
Stylist: @juliabaratova
Photographer: @alicecips
Talent/Model: @dominiquebarrager