If you love fashion, you've probably already heard of the American magazine Weekly Style. And if you love Margot VII, you've undoubtedly already noticed the Me blouse. But what if it was featured in the magazine in question? That's what happened in the May 2023 issue!

Decoding trends

Weekly Style magazine is well known for its good taste and knowledge of fashion. When a designer appears in its pages, it's a major accolade. The magazine presents the latest trends over the months and helps you create a successful style with unique inspiration ideas. So imagine the joy we felt when we discovered our Me blouse in the pages of the magazine. And what's more, in the must-have pieces for summer style (the essentials). Our piece is featured on the page dedicated to chic and refined style. Everything is in shades of beige, ivory and gold. It shares the page with creations by leading international couturiers.

A blouse we're proud of

Its beautiful ivory color and rare elegance set this blouse apart. In the pages of Weekly Style, it's presented as a refined piece that you'll pair with gold jewelry and high heels. But if you prefer, you can of course offset its style and accompany it with more casual pieces. A pair of white jogging bottoms or a denim miniskirt is just the thing. And don't forget a pair of sneakers to finish off your look. With its vintage touch, it will also surprise with navy bridge pants, for example. Pretty flat leather sandals will add a nice extra touch.

Our Me blouse was showcased to the world by Weekly Style magazine, and is sure to find an audience with no problem whatsoever, as it is highlighted with flair.