You probably already know this, but Madame Figaro is a magazine that has a real professional eye on the fashion world. That’s why when the magazine talks about us, we’re proud of it! MARGOT VII appeared in the «Must-Have Addresses» section on the magazine’s digital platform!

A beautiful presentation of our brand

We know that Mrs Figaro is proposing very serious opinions. So when our store appeared in the must-see addresses on May 22, 2023, we were very eager to see the result. By reading the article, you will discover what makes our brand. Above all, our commitment has been put forward. Use of noble materials, impeccable quality, respect for the planet, enhancement of the woman, timeless models... The journalist who came to see us to make this article asked us many questions to understand us. She was also interested in our projects to learn more.

A unique showcase on Margot VII

Our brand (but also our boutique-workshop) has become a must-see address in Paris for Madame Figaro. The magazine presents our system of creation (limited edition of our pieces, our two collections per year, our style), but also sought to know more about our projects. She mentions our leather goods project by citing, for example, our future bag in Piñatex.

Our shop, which also serves as a tailor-made workshop, 15 Avenue Victor Hugo, is also mentioned.

So, by consulting this article by Madame Figaro, you will discover more about Margot VII if you do not know us very well yet.
You will learn more about our projects and better understand what keeps us moving forward. In short, in addition to being simply a directory of the best Parisian addresses (that’s it, we are part of it!), it is also a quality presentation of the Parisian designers who captured the attention of the Figaro team!

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