You already know this, but Margot VII refuses to use animal leather for her creations. And in this eco-responsible spirit, we have found a new solution to offer you «leather» without causing suffering animals and using products harmful to the planet when preparing (tanning) this material. Which one? we told you more.

A new generation leather bag

You may have already heard about eco-responsible leather: PU (we’re fans!), skaï, or made from vegetable waste (apple, grape or pineapple). Made in a less polluting way, these leathers are a sure value in the process of protecting the planet. We decided to try the adventure with the PU which fits perfectly in our creations. But today, we want to try new experiences and we decided to create a handbag in one of these eco-responsible leathers: the Piñatex. You are undoubtedly wondering what it is? You are told more. The Piñatex was designed by the designer Carmen Hojisa and is made from pineapple leaf fibres. The leaves are dried in bundles and the long fibres are extracted and mixed with polylactic acid (a biodegradable polymer obtained from corn starch). We then add pigments (obviously neutral for the planet) to color the obtained material. To enhance its durability, a resin is added.

We use around 16 pineapples (around 480 leaves) to make 1 meter of vegan leather. The result is a visually incredibly close to animal leather and very supple. It can therefore be used easily to create shoes, watch straps and therefore also bags.

A creation in its own right.

We will not tell you too much about our next creation, we leave you the surprise. But our bag will obviously be chic and casual, like all our creations. By using the Piñatex, we want to strengthen our pro-ecological spirit, which is an integral part of our fashion vision. Our bag will look like real leather, of exceptional quality, soft, soft. But it will not have participated in intensive breeding and tanning devastating for the planet. We are working on a current model, refined and easy to wear that will marry perfectly with all styles and that will give you many services to carry your belongings!