Margot VII x Selin Magazine : the VII blazer in the spotlight

Have you ever heard of Selin magazine? It is a Dutch magazine that offers articles on fashion and beauty. Their main goal? To highlight young independent creators and give them a voice. And among these creators, Margot VII has found its place since the magazine presents our VII blazer in the pages of their issue 25 (volume 10).

Our VII blazer in the spotlight

If you know about Margot VII, you have already heard about our VII jacket, which was worn by the amazing model Dadspecialfriend for the Flying Solo store. Our blazer has a very curved cut but with a timeless design. We imagined a very chic color contrast. Topstitches that highlight the cut of the collar and a lapel of immaculate whiteness play with the deep black of the jacket. The result is a model that puts our individuality (and yours of course) first. With her «costume jacket» look of the past, she enjoys codes and trends and seduced the magazine expert trends.

Have fun with our blazer!

A curved cut that highlights your silhouette. A Basque model totally apart, both timeless and terribly trendy. A girdled cut, ultra feminine. In short, a model inspired by the past and perfectly adapted to current trends. You can marry it with our ME jumpsuit for a very sensual and ultra refined look. But you can also take the opposite of the chic style of our jacket and combine it with a jogging stockings and sneakers. The look will be amazing and very current. The curved effect will match beautifully with the width of the jogging. To highlight your slender silhouette, you can also adopt a black slim pants. This monochrome look can be enhanced by a flashy pink scarf or a timeless duck blue, shades very in sight. She can also highlight a beautiful pencil skirt (wear the knee length).