MARGOT VII is developing further by moving today towards business-to-business commerce called B2B, using the JOOR marketplace and Business France.

JOOR, a universe for B2B

JOOR is an online platform that provides fulfillment and e-commerce services for the fashion and retail industry, an American company, today it works with more than 150 countries. Founded in 2010, JOOR acts as a virtual marketplace where brands and retailers can connect, place orders, manage inventory and product data, as well as track market trends. Allied with Business France, these two structures will allow MARGOT VII to develop internationally. Business France is the French national agency responsible for supporting the international development of the French economy. Business France offers a range of services to French companies seeking to expand internationally and to foreign companies interested in investing in France. The agency operates globally through a network of offices in France and over 70 countries around the world, providing localized support and expertise to businesses.

A new project for MARGOT VII

MARGOT VII would therefore like to develop its visibility, particularly in the United States and Western Europe. This is why several interviews with JOOR and Business France took place, which made it possible to establish the strategies and the start date on the platform. MARGOT VII will therefore begin from April 2024 on JOOR.

MARGOT VII, representing French know-how, would like to highlight artisanal creation, and thus show French know-how internationally. This would allow him to showcase his creations to an international clientele.