MARGOT VII and Wolf & Badger have been collaborating together to sett up various international sales points.

Two stories that match

Wolf & Badger was established by brothers Henry and George Graham in 2010, the company was born out of a desire to showcase the best independent designers from around the world. The first Wolf & Badger store opened its doors in February 2010. Wolf and Badger is the brand that will allow you to find unique items. The brand has been able to unearth more than 1000 of the most talented designers from all backgrounds. These stylists have also developed various limited edition fashion items for those who value authenticity above all else. It only distributes high-end, ethical and sustainable products. MARGOT VII for its part was created in 2017 by its founder, Margot. In 2017, her childhood dream came true with the launch of her brand, MARGOT VII. The Maison offers a premium range of women's ready-to-wear, specializing in original creation. For its ethics, the House offers its collections in limited quantities in order to reinforce the desire to be unique, as underlined by its slogan “For the pleasure of being unique”, but also in a responsible approach to limit waste.

International collaboration

The two brands have been collaborating for years now to expand throughout the world. Today, there are Wolf & Badger points of sale in Los Angeles and New York. Inside these points of sale, you can find trendy and classic, showing a wide range of clothing: tops, pants, dresses, knitwear, lingerie,... Added to this is the wide range of shoes and accessories. accessories: bags, jewelry and much more. This collaboration allowed both brands to achieve their goals and achieve a sustainable and ethical image across the world.

Today, the two brands are evolving further thanks to the opening of the new store in London of 650 m2 from February 1, 2024! Long-awaited news that will allow MARGOT VII to expand to a 100% English clientele. This new point of sale will be located at 102 Berwick St, London, United Kingdom W1F 0BT.

We look forward to seeing you there!