Expert in the field of fashion and trends, the magazine Vous Fashion is a must for all those who are passionate about the beautiful things that are seen on the catwalks. And once again, the Margot VII team was highlighted when the stylists of the magazine decided to put our MV pants in the spotlight in its summer issue.

A revisit of our flagship model

You undoubtedly know our MV pants inspired by jogging stockings with its straight cut and elasticated waist adorned with PU leather ties. This one brings a note both chic and casual to any look.

When You Fashion magazine decided to use our creation to adorn its cover (no less!), we were very excited to see how the magazine's seasoned stylists would create a look. And we were not disappointed! The result is an elegant and casual outfit, totally in the spirit of our collections.

The shoot took place in a laundromat, a surprising setting for fashion photos. The outfit plays on the classic black and white contrast nicely modernized with silver pieces. Thus, the bag and shoes (very high platform sandals) silver meet the black shirt with white patterns.

The bottom of our pants is nicely tightened by the ties of the shoes for an extraordinary effect.

Imagine your own look with our MV model

Our MV pants are incredibly valued here without overdoing it. But he can also imagine himself otherwise. If you prefer a more casual or sporty look, pair him with a pair of sneakers and a hoodie, very trendy. You are an ultra glamorous fashionista, you can also put on a nice crop top with thin straps and vertiginous heels. Want to think outside the box? Combine the sporty side of our pants with a nice black lace shirt and ballerinas. Copy the stylists of You and favor silver or gold ballerinas. The effect will be superb!

MV Pants