As usual, Margot VII has combined simplicity and rare elegance with the VII collection. These three pieces harmoniously blend materials and offer the opportunity to have fun creating exceptional looks without complicating your life.

Set VII, for a perfect style

A wool jersey (70%), a beautiful deep smoky gray combined with a bright white, flawless cuts, everything is there to seduce. These pieces are very soft and are simply worn with pleasure. Margot VII has once again reinvented the basic pieces of the women's wardrobe. The long skirt has a neat bi-chromatism with a wide white belt. The originality of the model? The bottom asymmetrical totally in the trend and a bit nicely vintage. The calf is cleared for even more femininity. These specificities are found with dress VII. For an even more sensual touch, the designers have imagined a round cut at the hips. The top, meanwhile, puts simplicity first. Short sleeves that sublimate the arm, a small square neckline that highlights the neck and an even more surprising contrast of color allow you to put on the model with everything. The edge of the sleeves and the back of the top are indeed all white.

Want to create your look with the pieces of the VII collection

These pieces allow you to imagine any look without making a mistake. Are you a fan of pure elegance? Pair the top with the skirt and high heels. Don't forget the pretty cuff with rhinestones! You can also adopt a beautiful black and long pencil skirt in PU leather. Wearing the dress with high heels can also be a great idea. Do you prefer a more casual chic style? Forget about high heels and adopt white sneakers that will skillfully recall the white details of your pieces. You can also pair your top with mom jeans and ballerinas for a very current and undoubtedly very successful look.

Dress VII


Skirt VII