If you are interested in artistic creation, you know the Canadian magazine Vigour. If we tell you about it today, it is not simply because this magazine is a major gateway for artists. It is also because these experts have put us forward. Our MV pants were indeed chosen by the magazine's stylists!

Professionals recognize our work

If you do not know Vigour, know that it is a monthly that highlights all the creators in the artistic field. Their opinion is sought after by all art professionals in all its forms: fashion, beauty, photography...

As much to admit it, we felt a kind of consecration when we saw our MV pants in these pages. The trousers are staged with a superb imprint Za jacket sober and totally exuberant and a yellow crochet swimsuit top. A necklace and bracelets add the chic note to this outfit. The refined and sporty spirit of Margot VII is perfectly highlighted with this outfit so simple and yet incredible.


The Fashion Art / July Issue 08

Our MV pants are a star!

Our designer wanted to offer you with this model pants combining relaxation and elegance. As always, we have created a set of materials (do we have to remind you that this is our signature?) in imitation leather and fleece cotton. It displays an impeccable style with its simple straight cut that highlights the silhouettes. A little city pants and jogging at the same time, he found his place in the pages of Vigour. But you can also imagine a more personal look with our MV pants. It is indeed very simple to marry! For a casual look, a crop top and sneakers obviously suit him perfectly. For a refined look, opt for the white version and play on an elegant monochrome with a pretty lace bustier and vertiginous pumps.


Pantalon MV