You have succumbed to one of our tweed models and would like to know how to properly maintain it to keep it. Tweed is both a resistant fabric and fragile. It therefore requires special care. Our experts will give you valuable advice to wash and protect your Margot VII tweed clothes.


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Take care of your Margot VII tweed creations

Tweed is a fabric made from wool. So you can imagine that it is not as easy to maintain as cotton. First of all, you will have to consult the small label that will tell you the care to give to your jacket or skirt. To learn more, also take a look at the composition. Tweed can indeed contain more or less wool.

Before you even think about cleaning, you will have to take care of your beloved room by offering it a hanger. Storing your creation on a hanger will allow it to remain well suspended and not take bad folds. Choose wooden models to store your clothes. Metal can indeed deform your favorite garment. Do not hesitate to invest in a cover either. This one will protect your pretty jacket from dust. If your dressing room is not protected and receives sunlight, consider an opaque cover to protect the color of your clothes as best as possible.

Clean your tweed clothes

From time to time, you will obviously have to clean your tweed garment. It is better to take your room to the dry cleaner to offer a dry cleaning. It is the perfect solution for optimal care. This will allow us to take care of both the fabric, but also details such as buttons or obviously our small pieces of PU leather, signature of our collections. Avoid machine washes, which are too often harmful. If you can't take your jacket or skirt to the dry cleaner, you can clean it by hand in soapy water and at low temperatures.


If your creation is crumpled, no iron too hot. The ideal is to steam it.