A photoshoot in the Bagatelle gardens



Margot VII has decided to stage its creations to show them off to best advantage. That's why we've chosen several of our models and the location where they will be photographed. Want to find out more about our campaign shoot? Follow us!

An invitation to romance

Our team included photographer Victoria, a member of the Madame Figaro team. Make-up was entrusted to MuaCorentin (@muacorentin). The model chosen to promote our creations is Hanako (@hanako.face). So much for the actors. Now let's talk about the setting. You may be familiar with the Parc de Bagatelle in Paris, a quiet, elegant setting. We chose the space known as the Roseraie, part of this famous park which, as its name suggests, displays a multitude of rose bushes in a thousand colors. The place is exceptionally romantic, with its vast green spaces inviting you to travel, and the animals that roam around. It's an exceptional setting for showcasing our creations without overdoing it.


A high-end presentation

To showcase our creations this spring, our team has chosen a number of different models: the St Tropez ensemble, the ME ensemble, the LA sportswear ensemble and a brand new tweed ensemble that will soon be appearing in our boutique (and online, of course). We wanted to integrate our collection into a bucolic setting that showcased our pieces with ease. The mood, even for the sportswear set, was romantic. And it worked. The result exceeds our expectations, and we're sure you'll also appreciate these shots, which showcase our creations with flair. No extravagance, just a beautiful simplicity that goes perfectly with our clothes. Each outfit has found its place in this incredible natural setting and is sure to seduce you.