Margot VII has once again distinguished herself on American territory. One of our models seduced the team of the fashion magazine Roidx, our MV sweatshirt and we are very proud of it.

Vol 192 RoidX Magazine 2022

A select magazine at the service of fashion

Even if you love fashion, maybe you've never heard of Roidx magazine. It is true that this review is very sharp in the field. Yet, this magazine is very successful in the United States and regularly crosses borders. Its principle? Present young designers, but also stars of the catwalks and make the world of fashion no longer a dream, but a reality.

When we learned that our MV sweatshirt was going to appear in these pages, it was a real party. It is, in fact, a magazine very appreciated by both fashion professionals and fashionistas that knows how to stage the creations it has selected particularly well.


A star among the stars

It is illustrated in four superb photos, beautifully associated with creations of Self Confidence XIV for the coat, and Mara the Label for the dress "very evening" in a very refined contrast of black and red beautifully raised by the gray of the incredible faux fur coat.

Stylist Nikita Kleshch, who has already worked with several of our creations, has been able to enhance our model that takes the basics of the sweatshirt with its comfortable cut and signature hood. He also knew how to highlight the subtle play of materials with the very chic leather effect sleeves and a bit rebellious.

The sporty chic style is totally reversed by the flamboyant red dress that would be seen more worn in a social cocktail than in a New York street (the shots were taken in front of the famous Flying Solo shop).

Our creation is simply sublimated and has, without a doubt, captured the eyes of fans of fashion and beautiful things! Margot VII has once again crossed the ocean to appear in a high-end fashion magazine!

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