Our collections are attracting more and more and once again, we will prove it to you. The last to have succumbed to our creations? Olga Ferrara, the famous influencer and stylist staged our AVA ensemble with talent.


A beautiful spotlight

The influencer is well known for her thoughtful choices in the fashion field. She loves the high-end and prefers to choose her pieces from the collections of independent designers. It values smart purchasing. Olga likes to have fun with styles and imagines looks inspired by the street (hip-hop and skate culture) without denying chic.

So she chose our vest and the AVA skirt to compose a unique look. Look that you could easily reproduce for a particular event for example.

How did she imagine this look? Our Ava pieces come with few things: a pair of boots and a bra. A few well-chosen accessories complete the look: a veil headband, jewelry and a belt. Everything is very simple and yet incredibly sophisticated.

The street style is given by the bra, the refinement by this amazing little veil. A bling-bling touch is found with the necklaces and brooches (with the effigy of a large French fashion house) imposing that do a lot without doing too much. Let's not forget the pretty quilted pouch and the pair of long gloves that bring a very vintage note to this look that combines wonderfully with our tweed models. Everything is there to propose an idea of outfit that marks the spirits.


Be inspired by this look

Olga Ferrara was able to highlight the very essence of our Ava collection. And if you like this look, why not be inspired by it? Obviously, on a daily basis, the simple bra can be difficult to wear. So to go to work for example, you could put on a t-shirt that will nicely shift the refined vintage look.

Would you like to keep the sensual look? For an ultra refined look, a transparent black blouse can be put on over a very chic lace bra.

Would you like to put this set in your sauce and erase a little the refined aspect? Forget about the veil and boots and adopt a pair of sneakers for an amazing, but successful look.

AVA vest

AVA skirt