Did you hear about our trip to the United States? We set foot in New York to observe what is being done there, but also let's admit it to see our collections in the illustrious Flying Solo shop. We tell you everything.



Different habits?

As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were amazed to see that New York is an incredibly dynamic city. Everything is in perpetual motion. Day and night, week or weekend, the city never sleeps! And we had confirmation of that.

The typical day of an American? She gets up very early and goes jogging (or walking her dog). She returns through the local Starbucks to treat herself to one of the favorite delicacies of Americans: coffee.

She pushes the door of her house and goes to shower, then she starts her working day: leaving for the office...

We have also observed that when she has time, she has a great breakfast, with small sweet and savory sweets. Well, we must admit it, it will be necessary to do a little more sport to continue to wear your pretty little dress, but what a pleasure!

A breakfast with the creator of Margot VII


Another point that caught our attention. When we were walking near our hotel, in the Soho district more precisely, we could observe a baker who graciously distributed his chopsticks to passers-by on Sunday morning!


And fashion in all this?

If we stayed in New York, it is also naturally to find new sources of inspiration. So how does the New Yorker dress? She loves dark colors. For work, she prefers chic black, gray or midnight blue outfits. In offices, the tailor is in order.

Cotton is especially appreciated with cuts close to the body.

Outside of work, the New Yorker likes to wear more casual outfits: jogging, t-shirt, jeans...

In the New York city, we could observe many chic and refined fashion boutiques. French brands are well represented despite the distance. They remain synonymous with French elegance and are highly appreciated. We could see this by visiting the famous Flying Solo shop (where our creations are exhibited and sold!). The French style is a huge success and American women are proud to wear French clothes!