At the beginning of November 2022, Margot VII gave an interview to the very famous magazine Marie Claire in its premises, in the sixteenth. A month later took place the photo shoot to present our creations to the readers.

Marie Claire's choices

No need to go back to Marie Claire magazine, you can not not know it as its place in the world of fashion is important. And these experts wanted to introduce us to their readers by using some of our creations in their pages.

So what were our chosen models? There are several. First of all our two special holiday creations, two sequin dresses of which we are very proud. The first, a nice deep green, is long with a clear shoulder. The second, a short silver model is a one shoulder with long sleeve.

Our other creations come from the VA collections (jacket and down jacket, shorts, long and short skirts), Lili (dress) and VII (dress, top, skirt). Our VIO coat is also highlighted. Let's not forget our little Weina top, our H2 bustier, our leather shorts and our cashmere sweater. That's it, the actors are introduced.

These pieces are worn by two French models: Lola Florez and Albane Collin. The makeup artists are from Makeup Forever Academy. The photographer's name is Michael Schmidt. The assistant-stylist, Lison Pille, who recently dressed the jury Eric Antoine during the final of the show "La France a un incroyable talent".

To be complete, let's add that some jewelry and accessories have taken place on the models. Thus black tulle opera gloves, a pink scarf, XXL sunglasses or necklaces (pearl and shiny) and earrings are present as well as platform boots and black thigh boots.

A successful shoot

The shoot completes an interview in which we present our brand, our ideas, our concepts and of course our creations to the journalist Iris Carraz. It was Marie Claire's team who selected our models and imagined these absolutely impeccable looks, both ultra chic and a bit casual, our very essence.

Nothing is left to chance and everything comes together with talent. The chic of our pieces is nicely counterbalanced by the shoes (with a style very close to the punk current). No superfluous during the shoot: the models remain motionless and present each look with unparalleled seriousness. We particularly liked this approach that really puts the models forward.


Let's face it, this shooting day was for us a pure happiness. And you, what do you think of the result?

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